[Guide for Beginners] How to Record a Podcast Easily

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The appearance of podcasts has provided a way for people to connect with the world more easily. People can share news, lives, and thoughtsfor the rest of the world to listen to their voices. If you are beginner of podcast, you may get many confusions. For example, how to start a podcast? How to record a podcast when finding its content very funny? Or recording your own podcast to share? This article will answer these questions for you one by one.


How to Record a Podcast with high Quality (Recording Software Preparation)

Recording a podcast is not difficult, but to maintain the best quality, you need the help of a reliable recording software.

VideoSolo Screen Recorder is a high-quality podcast recorder that can perfectly solve your question on how to record a podcast on PC. It will allow people to record podcast with original audio quality, and save the recordings in MP3/AAC/M4A/WMA audio tracks for listening offline. Here are some other advantages of VideoSolo Screen Recorder:

  • Makes video tutorials easily with provided functions
  • Records any screen activities with the powerful Video Recorder
  • Provides webcam mode and snapshot for freely use
  • Offers more editing functions such as trimming/cutting before saving the podcast recording
  • Supports scheduled recording for Windows users to record podcast more conveniently

Step 1. Install and Open VideoSolo Screen Recorder

By clicking the provided free download button above for installing the Windows/Mac version of VideoSolo Screen Recorder onyour computer. Then you can open it and enter into Audio Recorder.

Main Interface of VideoSolo Screen Recorder

Step 2. Set Audio Recorder

You can adjust the volume of the system voice for fitting your ideal level. If you also need to record the microphone, turn it on and test the volume before the podcast starts.

Audio Recorder VideoSolo

Step 3. More Output Settings

By going to “Preferences” and navigating to the “Sound” tab, you can choose the output audio format and quality for saving the audiotrack. After selection, click “OK” and your settings will apply.

Choose Output Video Output Format

Step 4. Start Recording Podcast

When the podcast starts playing, also start the recording by clicking the “REC” button. You can also click the clock icon for setting the scheduled recording if you need.

Step 5. Save the Podcast Recording

Finally, when you ends the recording, and you will enter to the preview window for checking your podcast recording. Here you can clip the length of the audio track before saving. After that, just click the “Save” button and the podcast recording will be saved to your computer.

Tips: If you want to make more advacned clipping, merging or effects, you can try VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate.

Preview Audio Recording VideoSolo

How to Start a Podcast (Complete Guide for Beginners)

If you are a beginner and are ready to start a podcast, you can simply follow this guide and start your first podcast. Now let’s see.

How to Record Podcast


During this process, you need to prepare for starting the podcast in advance.

  • Plan a podcast topic: Before getting started, do some researches for seeing who are your ideal listeners, and decide the topic that they would be interested in.
  • Write a script: When your topic is selected, prepare the content by writing a script that can make your podcast more logical, and ensures that you won’t miss any details after starting the podcast officially.
  • Bring equipment: Recording a podcast requires some hardware such as a camera, microphone, and so on. You should prepare them in advance and do the settings for making them be ready to function.
  • Find a good place: To record a podcast, you need to find a place where is quiet so that you won’t record much noise in your podcast content. This can also ensure a good podcast playback experience for your listeners.

Record the Podcast

  • Live-time recording: For real-time podcast recording, directly go live in the podcast streaming platform and use the prepared equipment to start the podcast online. During the podcast recording, simply follow the script and be yourself to present the content in a personalized way. You are sure to win the hearts of your listeners with the topic they are interested in.

  • Offline recording: You can also record the podcast offline, then upload it for sharing after edition. This would be a better choice for people who are nervous in doing real-time podcast. Under this situation, you need a podcast recorder software such as VideoSolo Screen Recorder to record the podcast.

After Recording the Podcast

When the podcast has been recorded, you can directly use the video editor to edit the recording before uploading it to the podcast platform for sharing. If you just finish the offline podcast recording using VideoSolo Screen Recorder, immediate editing functions such as trimming and cropping are available for use.


By well preparing the podcast recording, you can output perfect podcast content for your listeners to enjoy! Besides, taking a helpful recorder such as VideoSolo Screen Recorder also helps you to record other podcasts for offline playback conveniently. It is recommended for you to try it later!

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