FAQs of VideoSolo MirrorEase

Registration Code

First, confirm that you’ve purchased the right product.

Then, make sure that you’ve entered the registration code correctly without space.

Finally, don’t mix up the product version. Windows and Mac versions are totally different.

If you still cannot find the reason, please contact us.

No. One license code is for one computer only. If you want to get additional licenses for more than one computer, then contact us.

If you forgot or lost your registration code, don’t worry. Just go to the license retrieval page to get back your license code.

If you want to transfer your registration code to another computer, we can reset the registration code for you, and then you can register the program on another computer again. Please send your order number and billing email address to the support team.

This process will only work with computers using the same operating system (either two Windows PCs or two Macs). If you want to use the same program on a computer with a different operating system, you’ll need to purchase a second registration key for the other OS.

Usually, there will be an Error 4104 shown:

1. If you change or reinstall your computer.

2. If you use one license on more than one computer.

3. When you upgrade the program.

4. When you launch the program after a long period without using the program.

When you meet the error code 4104, you can contact the support team to reset the license code. Please remember to provide your order number and billing email address.

General Problem

If you are using iOS devices, check again if your iOS and your computer are using the same WiFi. You can only use VideoSolo MirrorEase when your iOS device and your PC connect to the same WiFi.

If you are using Android devices, please make sure you’ve downloaded FoneLab properly, because Android WiFi connection can only succeed via FoneLab.Besides, make sure your network works well, too.

Currently, iOS cannot connect to VideoSolo MirrorEase via USB cable, so if you need to mirror your iOS screen to PC, choose WiFi connection.

If you are using Android devices, you need to check if the USB cable is damaged. If it’s intact, the USB cable may not work for data transferring, and you need to change for the other one that can transfer files.

Then, you can check on your Android that if you’ve set the USB connection mode as”Transfer Files” or “MTP”.If not, you can fail to connect your phone to the computer via USB.

Before recording, you can do the sound check in “Preference” to avoid recording screen with no sound.

Besides, iOS currently does not support recording phone microphone, so if you need to record phone microphone, please choose Android devices.

No, the screen recording will continue even if your phone screen is off. But this period of the recorded video will be totally black, and the recorded part that your phone screen is on won’t be influenced. So if you want to get a smooth recorded file, keep your screen on.