VideoSolo Screen Recorder

The easiest way to capture all important moments on your computer screen.

  • Record any on-screen activity without lag or watermark.
  •  Easily record your voice, computer audio, and webcam in high quality.
  •  Draw, annotate, or take a snapshot on the recording area in real-time.
  •  Powerful game recorder to create the smoothest gameplay recording.
  • Perfect capture for webinars, online calls and grab streaming videos.

Record Screen Activity on Various Occasions

A versatile screen recording software enables you to record and save every highlight moment in life.

Record Online Mettings

Record Online Mettings

Keep a video conference recording efficiently and conveniently. VideoSolo is a reliable tool to record a zoom meeting , a video call, or a webinar in business for review with all your teammates.

Create Interactive Tutorial Videos

Use the video recorder to quickly create demo videos, training materials or instructional videos by recording screen content such as your presentations, projects, or apps.

Record Any Audio Type Easily

The audio recorder helps you record important communications, offline lectures, or just your favorite songs & podcasts for convenient playback. You can record either system sound or microphone sound clearly. 

Best Screencasting Software for Education

All online courses and learning materials will be saved as a local video or audio file in universal formats such as MP4 or MP3. And the software requires no difficult steps for teachers or students to operate.

Record PowerPoint Presentations Effortlessly

Perhaps the built-in recording feature in PowerPoint is too basic. But now you can record your presentation and webcam at the same time for improving your presentation skills.

Excellent Gameplay Recording Performance

Record and share your gaming highlights in HD quality. The outstanding game recorder can produce a smooth recording and save the video at 60 FPS.

Record Video and Audio with Ease

This handy PC screen recorder integrates options for video recording and audio recording so that every user can take full advantage to achieve different goals.

Record Video

Record Video with Ease

You can record every desktop activity such as the internet video that you are playing, the video conference that you are attending, gameplay moments, presentations, and basically everything that you can see on your computer in full resolution. Conveniently, the video recorder provides you with the options to record full screen or a customized area. Also, you can record from a specific window or record around the mouse cursor, and flexibly save the recording you need.

Record Audio with Ease

What you hear on your PC can also be captured in high quality. The built-in audio recorder allows you to record both external sound and internal sound on your computer including your voice from your microphone, music, and game audio. All sounds can be encoded in real-time and exported as MP3 or M4A audio. It is even designed with an audio enhancement mode and a setting to reduce microphone noise to deliver a good quality audio.

Add a Webcam (Facecam) Overlay to Your Recordings

To improve interactivity of your video recording, you can select to record your computer screen and webcam at the same time. Turn on the video recorder and enable your webcam, set webcam video position and size, then start recording. Change settings such as video shape, opacity, resolution, and even properties including brightness and contrast in advance, then create a vivid and entertaining video recording.

Draw, Annotate, and Highlight Screen in Real-Time

Make use of the screen drawing tools when recording your PC activity. You can easily write and draw during the recording process. Additionally, VideoSolo provides features such as adding a text message, shapes, arrows, watermark, and callouts to help you present annotations. Whether for educational videos, instructional films or business presentations, you will find it convenient to take real-time notes on recordings.

Capture Multiple Screenshots When Recording

With VideoSolo, you can instantly capture screenshots from your recording screen or webcam without a stop. Click on the screen capture button, and select the area that you want to take a screenshot, then you can either edit your screenshot or pin it on the screen. Press a hotkey then the screenshot can be generated automatically without interrupting your work. By the way, you are able to directly upload your recordings to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. through the screen recorder.

Best Quality Output for Your Recordings

To meet various demands, VideoSolo presets multiple format and codec options. Video codecs include the common H.264 and H.265. Output formats for video include MP4, WMV, MOV, F4V, TS, and AVI. The supported audio formats contain MP3, M4A, AAC, and WMA. Besides, you can conveniently create GIFs or screenshot images to share with your friends. All media files will be saved in high quality by default and can be compatible with any mainstream digital device.

Explore More Advanced Features

Apart from the main features, VideoSolo Screen Recorder also provides many marvelous features to improve your experience. Download the software right now and check out its capability.

HD Video Quality

Start a recording session instantly. VideoSolo has optimized everything to create a stunning HD video quality. All recordings are lag-free and has no watermark.

Sound Check Option

Enable the sound check mode to avoid noise in your audio source and therefore ensure a satisfying sound quality of your audio recording.

Reduce Microphone Noise

Noise Reduction helps reduce constant background sounds such as hum, whistle, whine, buzz, and "hiss", fan noise, etc.

Schedule Recording

Set up the start and end time for your recording. Or you can also schedule a recording task and record a live sport or an activity at a specific time. (Windows only)

Track Mouse Movement

Flexibly record a series of mouse and keyboard actions, and this smart recorder allows you to track all movements and save them as a script file for later use.

Cursor Modification

Change the scale and opacity of the cursor. It’s also easy to add a mouse click effect or animation including highlight, ring, and click sound to the cursor when recording.

Preview and Clip

Preview every recording before you save the file. And feel free to trim the recording or split the output recording into multiple files.

Export Recording to GIF

Make a GIF image out of the video. You can increase or decrease the frame rate according to your needs. And simply create a slow-motion effect with your inspiration.

Personalize Hotkeys

Customize your hotkey settings to start recording your desktop immediately. Now you can never miss any spectacular moment!

How Does VideoSolo Screen Recorder Work?

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Record Time Limit

3 minutes


No Watermark

Task Scheduler

Real-time Screencast Editor

Multiple Recording Modes

High Quality Output

Clip Video or Audio

Reduce Microphone Noise

Improve Microphone Sound Quality

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What Our Users Say

I created a recording session to record an online meeting. The picture quality and sound quality are nice. And using the software is not that challenging. I am finding it to be very helpful in this current lock-down situation due to COVID-19. This is exactly the software I’ve been looking for.

John Doe

It's the best tool for video capture and screen capture. The entire recording process is smooth and the interface is easy to comprehend. I’ve tried its microphone enhancement feature and it does work as it advertised. The other feature that impresses me a lot is the real-time drawing panel. It is convenient especially when I need to take notes on the recording area. Great stuff.

Dana Doe


I often have to make tutorials for my students, and I happen to find this recorder. It is easy to use. I can use it to mark key points in a different color and add annotations easily while recording screen. I think it has become one of my indispensable software in daily work.

Mary Doe

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Frequently Asked Questions

First check if your computer system sound is muted. And then go to “Preference” and use the slider to adjust the volume of system sound or microphone. You can also click on the “Start sound check” button to test and listen. If it is your microphone that fails to work, try unplugging and replugging the microphone.

Yes. VideoSolo supports recording both your webcam and computer screen with microphone on at the same time, to show both your screen and your face for tutorials, educational videos, and PowerPoint presentations. As long as you go to the “Video Recorder” and click to toggle the webcam, and then you can record webcam and screen simultaneously.
The codec method of the format you’ve selected can affect the video or audio size. Use a format that employs lossless compression can ensure a high quality. Other factors that can impact file size include resolution, video duration, and frame rate. Therefore, you can adjust the output settings beforehand in order to get a smaller recording.
Yes. There is a “Recording History” feature that backs up virtually every recording that you captured. Select a recording from the history section and click to preview to see if it is the one that you lost.
Yes! Absolutely! VideoSolo is designed with a game recorder to capture all your gaming moments! You can embed your facecam into the recording, capture in-game sounds, and add voice comments with your microphone. And thanks to GPU acceleration technology, the High-Definition recording process can be quick and efficient and gets you a smooth gameplay video in 4K UHD, 1080p 60fps FHD with no quality loss and no lag.
No! You can use it to screen record on your Windows/Mac as long as possible.
Yes, VideoSolo Screen Recorder is a 100% trusted screen capture software. Taking customer data and information security seriously, we have implemented reasonable technical and organizational measures to ensure you won’t have malware or hacking issues. So VideoSolo Screen Recorder is completely safe to use.
Most video platforms have terms of service that prohibit screen capture to record videos without authorization. Specifically, it depends on the platform you use.
Netflix: You are not allowed to record any copyrighted videos on Netflix with the third-party screen recorder unless you obtain authorization first.
Zoom: If you record with the Zoom built-in tool, it will alert the host unless you’ve already got permission. If you want to know more details about recording Zoom meeting with VideoSolo Screen Recorder, you can check this post to record Zoom meetings in any situation .
YouTube: The content on YouTube is protected by the US copyright law. But for the question is it illegal to record music from YouTube, one key factor that comes up is the word “copyright” in itself – not all videos on YouTube are necessarily copyrighted. So, with VideoSolo, you will be able to record YouTube videos and use them for various types of screen recording.