6 Ways to Screen Share iPhone to PC [Quickly & Easily]

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Screen mirroring refers to projecting your smartphone screen onto a larger screen, like your computer screen. Nowadays, screen share iPhone to PC is increasingly popular. In terms of work, people use it for presentations, seminars; as for life, people use it to watch movies, play games, view photos and so on. Probably, sharing your iPhone’s screen to your PC sounds like a complicated thing, it’s not. This article will show you six ways to do it.


Best Way to iPhone Screen Share to PC

If you want the final quality of your mirroring output to be high, then VideoSolo Screen Recorder is definitely your best choice. VideoSolo Screen Recorder is a versatile screen recording tool which can record your voice, computer audio and web webcam with high quality and without watermark or log. Moreover, it has high convenience and resolution, supporting you to record the sound of your mobile phone and capture your screen at any time. It can be used in many occasions, ranging from recording zoom meetings, presentations, live streams to gameplay performance. Additionally, you can also use it to share your iPhone screen to PC with high efficiency. The steps to using it are as follows:

Step1: Launch the VideoSolo Screen Recorder and click Phone to start your process.

VideoSolo Phone Recorder UI

Step2: According to your situation, choose the device type. Here, we need to choose iOS Recorder.

VideoSolo Phone Recorder

Step3: Swipe down from the top to open the Control Center and then click Screen Mirroring .

iOS Recorder Screen Mirroring

After that, select VideoSolo Screen Recorder and wait the final connection.

iOS Recorder Connect

Tips: Here, you are supposed to make sure the computer and your device are connected to the same network.

Step4: Tap on the Record button and you can see your iPhone screen appear on your PC.

Step5: If what you want to record is finished, click Stop and then Export your recorded video.

iOS Recorder Edit Record

These steps above show how to use VideoSolo Screen Recorder to share your iPhone screen to your PC. You can follow them above step by step.

Top Four Great Tools to Mirror iPhone to PC

If you are windows user and you don’t have extremely high standards for the quality of the final video output, all you need to do is install software to mirror the iPhone screen to your PC. In this article, we will introduce you 4 good tools.

FonePaw ScreenMo

FonePaw ScreenMo is a convenient and efficient mirroring tool. In addition to iPhone devices, it also supports iPad, Mac and so on. Furthermore, it supports wireless connectivity, so you don’t have to worry about any USB debugging issues or network instability issues.

Step1: Click FonePaw ScreenMo to download it on your computer.

Tips: Remember to connect your iPhone and computer with the same Wi-Fi network to make sure you can successfully mirror your iPhone.

Step2: Launch Control Center on your iPhone device and click Screen Mirroring.

FonePaw ScreenMo

Step3: Select FonePaw iOS Screen Recorder to start mirroring.

If you can see your screen be mirrored on your computer, which means you are successful.

Select FonePaw ScreenMo iPhone

Aiseesoft Phone Mirror

Phone Mirror is also a powerful screen mirroring tool. Apart from easily, synchronously and reliably projecting your device onto your computer, it also allows users to take screenshots of their computer screen and share them with their friends in real time. The steps to use it are as follows.

Step1: Download Aiseesoft Phone Mirror and run this software, then choose iOS Mirror to cast your iPhone screen to the PC.

Aiseesoft Phone Mirror

Step2: Choose Screen Mirroring to start sharing your iPhone screen to PC.

Tips: You can choose either WiFi Connection or USB Connection to mirror your iPhone. And please make sure your iPhone device and computer are in the same WiFi.

Screen Mirroring Aiseesoft Phone Mirror

Step3: Tap on Aiseesoft Phone Mirror, then you can wait until your iPhone and computer are finally connected.

Mirror Screen iPhone Aiseesoft

Step4: After it is successfully connected, your iPhone screen will be cast to the computer automatically.

iMyFone MirrorTo

Another software you can use to share your iPhone screen is iMyFone MirrorTo. It offers advanced controller options in order to manage your large screen effortlessly. However, the features offered by free use are limited compared to those offered by a fully paid subscription plan. For example, virtual keyboard mapping is not available to free users.

Step1: Depending on your phone system, you can select either iOS or Android. Here, we choose iOS.

Select Phone System IMyFone MirrorTo

Step2: Go to the Control Center and click Screen Mirroring. Here you can choose USB or WiFi to connect your iPhone and computer. Whichever you choose, make sure your phone and PC are within the same WiFi network.

Screen Mirroring IMyFone MirrorTo

Step3: Tap on MirrorTo and after your iPhone and PC succeed to connect, your iPhone screen will be cast to your PC.


Although LetViews is a free screen mirroring tool, it has a complete function. In addition to mirroring the phone screen to a computer, it has whiteboards, screenshots and full-screen capabilities. However, in the process of use, the image on the computer screen will be a little pixelated.

Steps to follow:

Step1: Install LetsView on your iPhone device and PC, then open it.

Tips: Your iPhone device and computer should be connected with the same WiFi network.

Step2: Press on the Code Icon to get the PIN code and QR code. Then input the PIN code to your PC and iPhone.

Step3: Go to the Control Center of your Phone and tap on the Screen Mirroring. When your devices are connected to the same WiFi, your PC will promptly appear your iPhone screen.


These are four easy and efficient instruments that can mirror your iPhone screen to your computer. This article focuses on step-by-step instructions, but if you want to learn more other software and the pros and cons of each, you can read this article: Top 8 Programs for Screen Mirroring iPhone to PC.

How to Share iPhone Screen to PC without Apps

The above five ways to put an iPhone screen on a computer are mainly for Windows users, so you need to download third-party software to do all five. But if you are a Mac user, the easiest way to mirror the iPhone’s screen to a PC is through the built-in screen mirroring feature. This way, you don’t need to install anything, the only thing you need to do is to perform a few simple operations.

  1. Keep your iPhone and computer in the same network;
  2. Launch the Control Center on the iPhone and tap on Screen Mirroring;
Screen Mirroring IPhone Bulit-in Device
  1. Choose your Mac from the list of available options and wait for the mirroring.


Those are six ways to mirror your iPhone screen to your computer. If you are looking for a comprehensive tool with high quality video output, VideoSolo Screen Recorder will be your first choice. In addition to supporting high quality mirroring of your iPhone screen to your computer, it can also support no watermarking. Moreover, it has high convenience and resolution, supporting you to record the sound of your mobile phone and capture your screen at any time. And you can use it in a variety of situations, such as online meeting, live, game performance and so on. So download one and give it a try.

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