Apowersoft Screen Recorder Review 2024

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With multiple efficient utilities and multimedia software provided, Apowersoft has helped users a lot in dealing with a variety of daily life issues with some practical tools. Among all of them, its screen recording software and online recorder can be two of the representative ones. Hence, for users of screen capturing demands, this review will guide you through Apowersoft screen recorders (both online and offline) with detailed information in this blog. Is Apowersoft worth trying? Grasp the answer from this blog!


Apowersoft Screen Recording Software VS Online Screen Recorder

Before going in-depth to the detailed review on Apowersoft screen recorders, grasp the overall information about them through the following chart:


Easy of use?


Free or not?


Different recording modes


Customized settings


Recording performance

Smooth and quick

Fail sometimes

Editing tools


Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro Review

Designed for desktop users, Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro provides advanced screen capturing functionality to enable the professional recording services and helps you record any screen on Windows as well as Mac desktops without hassle. With the software, you are available to deal with the most recording demands, and capture different types of on-screen activities when you are in need. Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro is able to help with pretty easy controls.

Recording Modes

By offering a variety of recording modes in the software, you are able to use Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro to record screens with system sound, microphone, and webcam in requirements. In addition, the software also enables customized settings such as recording area adjustments and volume setup, and also more advanced recording features such as the scheduled recording mode to select, helping you to have any activity captured with the most suitable modes flexibly.

Customized Parameters

To ensure that the output recordings can be preserved as you desire, Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro provides customized parameter setting options to select. You are able to encode the recordings in mainstream formats supported by your targeted devices and media players, and also output in good quality to ensure the best later playback experience.

High Compatibility

When Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro also offers all mainstream options such as MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV, MOV, MPEG, VOB and WEBM for you to select, it is possible to get the recordings played regardless of the device models or software compatibility, helping you to have a more flexible streaming experience offline.

Video Editing Tools

The powerful screen recorder is also equipped with built-in video editing tools, enabling you to customize the video as well as audio effects before saving them offline. You are available to directly create new videos within the software just by clicks without hassle!

Instant Upload to Social Media Platforms

Once the recording completes the processing, Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro is also able to connect with some popular media platforms, enabling you to directly share the recordings through these online websites to access others instantly and conveniently.

Overall Pros and Cons


  • Customized recording settings and modes to select;
  • Flexibly controls on the parameter settings;
  • Built-in video editing toolkit to adjust video effects with ease;
  • Convenient instant share on social media platforms.



  • Unavailable to capture your sub-monitor at all;
  • Lagging performance to capture gameplay highlights;
  • Lay-back customer services.

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder Review

Despite the screen recorder desktop software, Apowersoft also offers an online free screen recorder for you to capture screens without installing a software. You are able to complete the easy recording online just by taps.

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

Recording Modes

Although the free online screen recorder provides less recording modes and advanced features than Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro can bring, you are still available to access the basic recording features to capture screens, audios, and also webcam.

Easy-to-grasp Steps

Thanks to its intuitive webpage design, the web-based service doesn’t take you very complicated steps to process. You will also be clearly guided to record your screen step-by-step without hassle.

Available Output Formats

This would be a shortcoming of Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder because they don’t provide optional format selections for you to flexibly choose to encode the recordings. Hence, when your devices or media players are not supported playing the recordings, you can’t seek direct help.

Less Stability

Although Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder doesn’t require installation of desktop software, you would still be asked to download a launcher first and turn on the privacy setting to enable the recording in a web browser. Otherwise, you are not allowed to start the recordings at all.


According to many users, the online screen recorder now only works in Chrome browser. It would occur failure if you select other ones such as Firefox.

Overall Pros and Cons


  • Convenient and easy to use;
  • No desktop software installation required;
  • There are all basic recording modes available to select;
  • The output quality is nice.



  • You will still need a launcher to run the recordings;
  • Unavailable to customize the formats or parameters;
  • The online screen recording tool only features Chrome browser currently;
  • Crashes would happen and not auto-saving feature equipped;
  • Lack of editing tools or advanced recording features like scheduled recording mode.

Best Alternative to Apowersoft Screen Recorder

After testing the performance and functionality of both Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro and its online free screen recorder, it can easily notice many of its shortcomings can affect a professional recording process (for sure, they are still ideal to select if you only need to fulfill some basic and easy recording tasks).

VideoSolo Screen Recorder

If you consider a more professional but lightweight software to process a smooth screen recording experience, it would be better for you to select VideoSolo Screen Recorder. As the software is able to defeat those shortcomings of both Apowersoft online recorder and desktop software. For example, VideoSolo Screen Recorder is able to provide all mainstream formats and high-quality parameter settings to select. In addition, despite the basic features, it offers more advanced functions to enable a more hassle-free experience, for example:

  • Enable the auto-stop mode to keep eyes off the recording without manually controls;
  • Audio enhancement feature to ensure better audio quality in capturing the screens;
  • Instant annotations adding and painting on the recordings available;
  • Lock-window recording feature to enable the screen capturing process to be more stable;
  • High framerate setting provided to ensure the high-quality gameplay capturing without lag.

Detailed Review of VideoSolo Screen Recorder: VideoSolo Screen Recorder Review 2023

Through full comparison, it is obvious that Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro is able to deliver stabler and more advanced recording features to capture computer screens. Although its online screen recorder is free to use, its weak stability and less recording settings may not meet many users’ demands. To replace all their limitations, you are also recommended to try VideoSolo Screen Recorder, the real industry-leading screen capturing tool for desktops. You will surely enjoy professional recording experience and get high-quality outputs. It deserves a try!

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