6 Best AVI Video Converters (Free Tools Included)

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Developed by Microsoft, AVI (Audio Video Interleave) is a Windows standard format, delivering a synchronous audio-with-video media playback on Windows system. However, unlike the universally-supported MP4 format, AVI format is still less compatible with some mainstream media players or video sharing platforms. Therefore, many users wonder if there can be an AVI video converter to help convert AVI to MP4 or other mainstream formats when the incompatibility problem occurs.

Fortunately, in this post, the 6 best AVI video converters will be recommended to help you convert AVI to other mainstream formats effortlessly. There are also free AVI video converters included. Now, please dive into reading and get your favorite AVI to MP4 video converter to try!


Top 1. Best AVI Video Converter: VideoSolo VideoPro

The top-ranking AVI video converter you shall not miss is VideoSolo VideoPro (originally called VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate). This all-featured program has combined both a powerful format converter and video editor together. It offers over 300 mainstream video/audio formats for you to select converting AVI videos to MOV, MP4, MKV, etc., allowing them to be well supported by all devices and players. During the AVI format conversion, VideoSolo VideoPro will also retain lossless quality, even with original 3D/VR effects to output the converted videos for you.

VideoSolo VideoPro is also developed with multiple GPU acceleration methods, which ensure it processes the batch AVI video conversion at ultra-fast speed! Furthermore, its powerful in-app video editor also offers all handy and helpful editing features, helping you to create perfect AVI video outputs before sharing them on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Great Features of VideoSolo VideoPro You Shall Not Miss

  • Over 300 formats available to convert AVI videos to common formats
  • Lossless quality and original video effects retained
  • Powerful built-in editor to edit AVI videos before the conversion like a Pro
  • Great toolbox with handy toolkit like video compressor to better enhance your converted AVI video outputs in preferences
  • Ultra-fast batch conversion speed powered by GPU acceleration teches


How to Convert AVI to MP4 or Other Formats on Mac/Windows

The user-friendly design of VideoSolo VideoPro also offers ensures an easy-using way for you to convert AVI videos in one-shot. Now, please also walk through the following manipulation guide and see how this professional AVI video converter works to convert AVI to MP4 for you:

STEP 1. Run VideoSolo VideoPro and directly import AVI videos to the main feed of the converter. You are able to add more than 1 video at once.

VideoSolo Video Converter Add Files

STEP 2. When all AVI videos are imported, subsequently, you can move to “Convert All to” and select MP4 as the output format.

VideoSolo Video Converter Select Output Format

The video definition is also available to be adjusted here by clicking on the “Setting” icon.

VideoSolo Video Converter Custom Profile

(Optional) STEP 3. To edit a video, you should click on the edit button, then its built-in video editor will be opened. Now you can freely personalize the video effects before converting AVI to MP4.

VCU Cut Icon

STEP 4. Eventually, click on the “Convert All” button in the bottom-right corner of the program, then VideoSolo VideoPro will complete the AVI to MP4 conversion for you in no time.

VideoSolo Video Converter Converting Video

Top 2. Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is also regarded as an efficient AVI video converter, functioning at 30X faster speed, which can offer an effortless process to help you convert AVI to MP4 or other 1,000+ mainstream formats. The program can be fully compatible with high-definition such as HD/4K UHD AVI video conversion, but will not affect its original image as well as sound effects at all. Furthermore, Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate’s superiority also lies in its powerful accelerating technology, which can raise the conversion efficiency to a higher level by adopting the leading Blu-Hyper technique and also Graphics card image processing methods. With Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate, you can get AVI videos outputted in your wanted formats with quick speed and high quality.
Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate


  • Support more than 1,000 output formats
  • Up to 4K UHD videos conversion at lossless quality
  • Advanced accelerating techniques to raise the conversion at 30X faster
  • Equipped with a multi-functional built-in editor

Top 3. WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe also equips the handy and powerful AVI video converter, allowing you to increase the compatibility of AVI videos by converting them to more universally-supported formats, including MP4. The program can transcode videos for high-definition video recorders such as action cams, drones, camcorders, surveillance camera with high definition and fast frame rate. Therefore, it can definitely be a great AVI to MP4 video converter guaranteeing you the best output effects. As the program is developed with a simple interface and clear on-screen instructions, it can be quite an effortless process to complete the AVI to MP4 conversion in simple procedures. However, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe doesn’t offer a powerful video editor to personalize video effects with all sorts of editing tools, but only with some basic ones provided. If you wish an all-in-one AVI video converter with full editing toolkit equipped, VideoSolo VideoPro will be a better option to you.
WinX HD Video Converter


  • Support transcoding high-definition videos of high frame rate at lossless quality
  • Smart compression technique adopted
  • Guarantee 47X faster speed to accelerate the AVI video conversion
  • Clear main feed to ensure easy-using functions

Top 4. Wondershare UniConverter

Now let’s come to Wondershare UniConverter. The ultra-fast video processing ability can be a highlight of this program, which greatly facilitates the productivity in converting and editing AVI videos. As a professional AVI video converter, you can trust Wondershare UniConverter in handling high-definition videos. For up to 4K, 8K, and HDR AVI videos, the converter functions to retain uncompressed quality, and even batch processes them for you at lightening speed. The powerful toolbox provided by Wondershare UniConverter also gives you much possibility to export AVI videos in creative ways! You can take virtue of its video editor, compressor, recorder, video merger, and more to personalize AVI files before converting them. The cutting-edge AI enhancement feature is also added in Wondershare UniConverter to help you usher in the new way to create awesome video outputs! Overall, Wondershare UniConverter can be a rational option for those wishing a professional and powerful AVI video converter working all the best ways to help.
Wondershare Uniconverter


  • Powerful format converter to convert high-definition 4K/8K/HDR AVI videos losslessly
  • Flexible customization on video parameters in preferences
  • Facilitate 20 files batch conversion at 9X faster speed
  • All-in-one toolbox to create awesome AVI video outputs
  • AI video enhancement feature equipped

Top 5. Prism Video Converter Software

Equipped with the advanced transcoder processor, Prism Video Converter Software can offer stable instant conversion to transcode media files by seconds. Compared with many other ordinary AVI video converters, this program delivers even more outstanding ability to resolve AVI videos of high resolutions, and convert to popular formats, easily increasing video compatibility without sacrificing the quality effects. Prism Video Converter Software also provides a compressor and flexible parameter settings, giving you a full control and determining the output qualifications of the AVI videos in preferences. Prism Video Converter Software is also regarded as a free AVI video converter because it has released a free version to use without any charge. However, users are complaining about this problematic version. Furthermore, the over-complicated interface of the program also increases the learning curve for computer green hands to get started. Therefore, for an equally powerful AVI video converter with simpler functions, VideoSolo VideoPro is better recommended.
Prism Video Converter


  • Stable performance to convert AVI videos smoothly
  • Advanced parameter settings to determine video outputs
  • Preview feature is provided
  • Offer essential editing tools
  • Powerful ability to resolve videos of high definitions

Top 6. Veed.io AVI Converter

Consider an AVI video converter online tool? Don’t miss Veed.io AVI Converter! Although many users will be impressed by its great video editing function, you should not neglect its possibility in AVI format conversion. As a web-based service, you won’t be asked to install any third-party program to process the AVI to MP4 conversion. Directly open a web browser, you can upload AVI videos and directly select a format to save the copies of them by one tap. As mentioned, when Veed.io AVI Converter offers easy-to-use video editing tools, you can easily personalize AVI videos before exporting them as local files of other popular formats. Nevertheless, as Veed.io AVI Converter offers very limited output formats to select, you probably need to take other more powerful video converters with hundreds of format options provided, just like VideoSolo VideoPro as backup, when Veed.io AVI Converter fails to offer the formats you need to convert AVI videos for you.
Veed.io AVI Video Converter


  • No need to install third-party program to convert AVI videos
  • Handy but helpful video editing tools provided
  • Quick access regardless of what devices you are using
  • Good quality guaranteed to export converter AVI videos

Comparison Between 6 AVI Video Converters

Now, walk through this simplified comparison chart to compare all features among these 6 best AVI video converters and sort out the best one to try later on:

Supported formats
Output quality
Conversion speed
Batch conversion
Built-in editor
300+ formats
Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate
1000+ formats
WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe
50+ formats
Wondershare UniConverter
1000+ formats
Prism Video Converter Software
100+ formats
Medium speed
Veed.io AVI Converter
100+ formats
Medium speed

FAQs of AVI Video Converters

To know more about AVI video converters, these FAQs may be helpful. Read them if you get any condition.

Q1. Is It Better to Convert AVI to MP4?

Compared with AVI, MP4 is a video standard format, which is widely supported by more devices and programs, and can keep video files in comparatively smaller sizes. Therefore, when AVI’s incompatibility becomes a main reason causing video playback failure, for sure it is better for you to convert AVI to MP4 to resolve the format incompatibility issue.

Q2. Can AVI Video Converters also Edit AVI Files?

It depends. If you select a video converter with a powerful built-in video editor equipped, just like VideoSolo VideoPro, you can definitely create perfect AVI video outputs. However, if your selected AVI video converter doesn’t offer any editing function, it won’t be possible for you to edit AVI files, but you need to turn to other video editors to help.

Final Words

To sum up, all these 6 best AVI video converters can deliver lossless quality to convert AVI videos to files of popular formats. Nevertheless, to dive deeper into their pros and cons, they can actually suit different demands under different circumstances. Considering the easy-using attribution, speedy performance, lossless outputs, and handy built-in video editor, VideoSolo VideoPro can meet all criteria. Now, why not freely install this AVI video converter and try using it to convert AVI to MP4 without any charge?

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