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VR is gradually taking up our lives and getting ready to lead us to enter a new era with such a new video streaming pattern. When there are more devices compatible with VR video playback, you consider whether you are also able to convert normal video to VR and enjoy a more vivid streaming experience.

Today’s blog will answer this question for you. Now, keep reading and checking if there are reliable VR video converters to help!


Can I Convert Normal Video to VR?

When VR videos will be a more normal video streaming pattern today and in the future, there are actually higher demands for converting normal video VR to catch up with the trend. Hence, there have been more VR video converters developed to cater to users’ needs, making a normal video-to-VR conversion possible.

In a word, if you have demands for converting videos of common media formats to VR when you get a reliable video-to-VR converter, the process would be quite simple. Normally, most VR headsets support the following two VR formats, so you can double-check whether the converters you select will provide them to output the VR videos:

  • 3D SBS
  • 360 degree Video
If you still have no idea about where to discover a reliable VR video converter, the following parts would introduce some recommended options you can try. Now, just keep reading.

How to Convert Normal Video to VR with Best VR Video Converter

Among all VR video converters on the market, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate absolutely stands out for its powerful ability to help convert normal video to VR format, with out-performing features equipped. Its in-app 3D Maker function is able to turn a 2D regular video to 3D VR videos, with 3 optional modes provided, which are Anaglyph 3D, Side by Side 3D, and Top and Bottom 3D, in lossless resolutions.

In addition, with the built-in acceleration teches and the advanced Blu-Hyper CPU method applied, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is able to provide ultimate fast speed to convert normal video to VR at 50X faster at max.

With flexible editing features, customized parameter settings, and an intuitive interface with simple-to-grasp operations, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is regarded as the best VR video converter you should give a try.

All Impressive Features of VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate

  • Well compatible with 1,000+ media formats;
  • Convert normal video to VR up to HD, 4K, and 5K in lossless resolutions;
  • Flexible customization settings to define output VR videos in requirements;
  • 50X Ultra-fast speed ensured by high-tech acceleration methods;
  • Multiple 3D modes available to edit VR videos based on your personal needs.

Now, also grasp this brief guide and learn how VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate performs to convert normal video to VR for you:

STEP 1. Launch VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate. From the interface, navigate to “Toolbox” > “3D Maker”.

STEP 2. Tap the “+” icon in the middle and browse your desktop to import the normal video you desire to convert to VR format.

3D Maker Windows VideoSolo

STEP 3. When the video is added, you will be turned to the editing window right away. Now, just edit the video with provided features or customize the format as well as quality to output as the best VR video. You can choose three 3D mode according to your needs and can click here to learn more information about them.

VCU 3D Maker

STEP 4. Finally, give it a go by hitting the “Generate 3D” icon, then VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate will process the converting of the normal video to VR immediately!

Other VR Video Converters Recommended

Apart from VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate, there are many other VR video converters as good choices you can try. They all have respective drawbacks.

Now, it is possible to grasp the reviews and select any of them as a backup.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

With over 1,000 formats supported, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate also offers VR video formats to convert normal videos in a hassle-free way. It will maintain good quality to process the video to VR conversion, equipped with multiple editing or video managing features.

To boost higher efficiency, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate also ensures 90X faster speed to accelerate the process, enabling you to quickly get videos converted to VR formats without wasting much time. In a word, it is also one of the best VR video converter apps worth trying.

Systems: Windows, Mac


  • Powerful video to VR conversion supported;
  • Multi-functional features to convert, record, burn, transfer, or take screenshots inside one software;
  • Extra built-in editor to customize VR video outputs in requirements;
  • Powerful toolbox to adjust videos with better effects before processing the conversion;
  • 90X faster accelerated speed provided.


  • Some editing features are not available under free trial;
  • Software crashing and freezing errors are reported by some users.
Wondershare UniConverter

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate

Another powerful and reliable VR video converter should recommend Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate. Likewise, this all-in-one software also provides VR video conversion, built-in editor, and toolbox with practical features such as compressor, AI enhancer, etc. to help you create awesome VR videos to output. You are able able to upscale the videos to higher resolutions such as HD 1080p or 4K in requirements. Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is a nice video to VR converter you can trust and try.

Systems: Windows, Mac


  • Powerful 3D VR videos maker enables you to convert normal video to VR;
  • Impressive speed to process video conversion much faster;
  • Built-in video editor provided;
  • Multiple video managing tools available to define outputs in the way you like;
  • Resolution upscaler to enhance your video quality to better condition.


  • Its output quality is still a bit compressed compared with other VR video converters;
  • Subscription is required to unlock its full features.
Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate

Pavtube Video Converter

Pavtube Video Converter offers a classic interfacn and its functionality to help convert normal video to VR is worth trying. It only takes you several easy clicks to complete the video conversion, with optional high-quality output settings available to customize.

Additionally, to deliver better outputs, the software also offers editing features like many of other VR video converters will provide, enabling you to define the outcomes of VR videos in requirements freely.

Systems: Windows


  • SD and HD quality settings provided to select outputting VR videos;
  • Available to edit and customize videos freely before outputting;
  • Batch conversion speed at 6X faster ensured to boost efficiency;
  • Popular formats and preset models are provided to select converting normal videos to.


  • Limited features under free trial
  • Software would easily crash in older system versions.
Pavtube Video Converter

Extended Reading: VR Video VS 360-degree Video

Some of you may easily get confused by VR videos and 360-degree videos. Likewise, both video types are different from the traditional video files, which create more vivid visual effects to make audiences feel like living in the real world created by the videos. So what are the exact differences between them? Here offers the extended explanation to help you learn clearly about them.


360-degree video shooting is mostly based on live actions, while VR videos are created utilizing the digital environment to make you feel like staying in a new world.


Audiences of 360-degree videos are able to overlook the captured footage from all sides of an object, while it would only offer you a virtual environment like what you will see in real like in a VR video.


In most cases, 360-degree videos would be used by filmmakers to create movies and offer better visual and sound effects for audiences to enjoy. By comparison, VR videos are mostly applied in video game industry to bring gamers a nice gaming process like in a real scenario.


Timeline is the most remarkable thing to distinguish 360-degree and VR videos. Normally, VR videos have more interface, while 360-degree videos are immersive.


When VR videos are taking up larger and larger parts of our lives, finding a way to convert normal video to VR is also an increasing demand of many video lovers. In this blog, there are several methods recommended to help you complete the conversion with high resolutions and flexible editing features. Among all of the tools, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is highly recommended, or you can just select an ideal pick and start trying to create VR videos from those common ones.

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