How to Add Subtitles to a Video (Ultimate Guide)

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Everyone can be an influencer in this generation since the hit use of TikTok. And it is essential for everyone who wants to be an influencer to add subtitles to a video (for making some funny spelling or avoiding some sensitive words). It also makes other people better understand what your video really wants to show (if it is a silent video). This article will help you with how to add subtitles to a video.

How to Add Subtitles to a Video Permanently (Recommended!)

VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate must be recommended when you need to add subtitles to a video eternally. With VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate, subtitles can be easily added to videos and permanently embedded in them. You can also download subtitles and choose font size, color, and type. Its key features are as follows.

  • User-friendly interface makes it easy to add subtitles to a video
  • Easily convert video and audio in bulk to over 1000 formats.
  • Ultrafast speed up to 50X is provided to convert video.
  • High-quality output. HD, 4K, 5K, and 8K Ultra HD are provided.
Let me tell you how to use it to add subtitles to your video.

Step 1. Download and Launch VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate

Please download VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate and open it. To import video into the software, drag the file or select Add files.

VideoSolo Video Converter Add Files

Step 2. Open the Edit Subtitles Windows.

Clicking the “Edit” icon. The “Editing” window will pop up to start add subtitles to a video.
Edit Icon Edit Video

Step 3. Start to add subtitles

You can crop, rotate, or add effects, a watermark, or subtitles to your video using the pop-up window. Just click the subtitle section to start your editing.
Add Subtitle to Video

Also Try These Alternatives to Add Subtitles to Video...

Wondershare Uniconverter

Wondershare UniConverter is an easy, feature-rich software that works without a hitch on Mac and Windows PC. It allows you to add SRT, TXT, or SSA subtitles to a variety of movie formats, including MP4, WebM, MTS, FLV, and 3GP. You can even add subtitle tracks or upload local subtitle files.

Open the programe and select Subtitle Editor by clicking on the Toolbox icon. After finishing uploading the video by Add button, insert subtitle content, and then save it.

Edit Subtitles to a video on Wondershare

Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor makes it easy to add permanent subtitles to your video, whose style can be chosen from over 20 simple and animated captions.

After getting Movavi Video Editor, hit the Add Files button on the main interface and pick the video clip you want to edit. Then hit the Titles tab to add your subtitles.

Edit Subtitles to a video on Movavi

Freemake Video Converter

Freemake video editor supports Windows 10, 8, 8.1, and Vista, with no ads or third-party apps.

You can add your movie to the subtitle editor by clicking the “+Video” button. Choose the subtitle file you wish to include in your video by clicking the “Add subtitles” button, browsing, and selecting it.

To launch the Freemake video editor, click the Scissors button. Click the “Convert” button when everything is prepared to start the embedding process and add subtitles to your movie.

Edit Subtitles to a video on Freemake

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro can help you create a compelling video. You can use Premiere Pro for automatic captioning that’s accurate.

To access the Text panel, choose Window >  Workspaces > Captions. Choose Create New Caption Track after that. For customization over the text style and opacity of your captions, use the Essential Graphics panel.

To start a new caption, position the playhead where you want it to begin and click the plus (+) sign in the text panel. After that, enter your caption. When it is done, export your video with subtitles.

Edit Subtitles to a video on Adobe Premiere Pro

Windows Movie Maker

A multimedia program called Windows Movie Maker was created for Windows systems. Its Title Overlay function is a helpful tool for adding subtitles to videos.

The Import option may be found in the column on the left; select “Videos” there. Then switch from “Storyboard” to “Timeline,” dragging the video file onto the “Video” editing timeline. After that, choose “Title on the selected clip” from the list of options after clicking on Titles and Credits. And you’re good to go.

Edit Subtitles to a video on Windows Movie Maker


You can quickly produce stylized, edited videos with titles, transitions, and even music using iMovie. Drag your video from the media library to the Timeline after first importing it into the UI.

To choose your font styles, click Titles in the Browser at the top. To add text to the video as subtitles, go to the Viewer and enter the text there. When your project is complete, select file by clicking the Share option in the top right corner of the program.

Edit Subtitles to a video on iMovie


You can easily and for free add captions and subtitles to your videos with Handbrake. Also, the free software is cross-platform and works with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

After getting the Handbrake, hit Open Source and import the video from the Finder window. To add captions or subtitles, open the Tracks dropdown menu and select Add External SRT in the Finder box. You can export the video when your SRT files are loaded.

Edit Subtitles to a video on Handbrake

How to Add Subtitles to a Video Without Any Software (Online Free)

If you don’t want to get any extra program installation, an online video edit tool named Kapwing will be a recommendation. You can enter the subtitle text for videos or utilize cutting-edge AI technology to do it for you.

Before directly burning the captions into the video, you can change the style of subtitle text. In this part, here is going to introduce you how to use the Magic Subtitles feature.

First of all, you need to upload the video by dragging and dropping a file or pasting a video URL from any streaming media platforms. Then, you can save yourself time by creating subtitles automatically using Magic Subtitles tool or classic Auto-Generator.

After you have uploaded your clip, click the “Magic” tab in the left sidebar’s “Subtitles” section. By clicking the “Create Subtitles” button, you can select the audio language and the preferred output for your transcript.

How to Embed Subtitles to a Video Permanently in VLC

VLC is undoubtedly the most popular alternative for individuals who wish to listen to music and watch videos on their computer. It is an open-source video program that is simple to use and extremely dependable.

However, the video with subtitles added once has been shared, the subtitle text disappears. So, this part is going to tell you how to embed subtitles to a video permanently in VLC.

Step 1. Select a video.

Choose Stream from the Media menu. Next, click the Add button and choose your video.

Add video on VLC

Step 2. Add subtitle file

Subtitle files should now be included; choose your SRT file in the subtitle file box, and then click Browse. Choose Stream, and then click Next.

Add subtitles on LVC

Step 3. Choose the file location for your video.

Choose File and click Add to specify the export folder. On the new box, click Browse and name for your video. Make sure the filename ends in “.mp4” or another extension.

Next, navigate to the location where you would like to keep the file and click Save. To proceed, click Next.

Choose the File Location on LVC

Step 4. Embed subtitles with your video

Tick the Activate Transcoding box. Then hit the Wrench icon and open the Subtitles tab. Tick the boxes Subtitles and Overlay subtitles on the video. Click Save and then Next. In the new window, click Stream.

Embed Subtitles with video on LVC
If you embed subtitles with VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate, there won’t be so many steps for you and it will be much easier.

FAQs about Adding Subtitles to Video

Where to Download Subtitles for Videos?

There are various websites that can help you get subtitles; VideoHunter is recommended because it can help you download videos with subtitles from most platforms or simply download the subtitle files with no cost. You can also try OpenSubtitles and, which have subtitles for some of the most popular movies and TV shows.

How to Add Subtitles to Youtube Video?

As we all know, subtitles not only add a lovely visual touch to projects, but they also make videos more captivating and accessible. So let me show you how to add subtitles to Youtube videos.

Step 1. Preparation for adding subtitles

You need to log in to Youtube Studio, and then hit the Subtitles button from the left menu. Choose the video file that you want to add subtitle text. Make sure your file type is supported by YouTube before you begin.

Step 2. Two ways to add subtitles

After the preparation done, select your preferred language after clicking the ADD LANGUAGE button. Then you can add subtitles by clicking the ADD button. You can choose to add subtitles by automatic recognition or type the text manually.

How to Add Subtitles to a Video on iPhone?

You can try iMovie application to add subtitles on your iPhone. You may get latest version of the iMovie program for free by performing a quick search for it on the Apple App Store. Then launch iMovie and simply follow the steps below.
  1. On the timeline, tap the clip you wish to edit.
  2. Tap the T icon from there. After you do that, numerous styles will start to appear.
  3. Simply input the text for that specific clip after choosing the appropriate style.
  4. Choose the location where your captions will appear.
  5. To make sure your subtitles are correct, play the video.
  6. It’s simple to modify if you see a spelling error or incorrect word. You must return to edit mode, choose the clip, then hit the T icon.
  7. Tap done after you’re satisfied with your creative efforts and subtitles.

What is the Difference Between SRT/ASS/SSA Subtitles?

The three most widely used subtitles are SRT, ASS, and SSA and we will introduce the difference of these three types of subtitles.


SubRip Text is abbreviated as SRT. This is the most basic text subtitle type, consisting of a numeric counter, the time, and the subtitle text.


SubStation Alpha is abbreviated as SSA. It is more potent than SRT. It offers a variety of colors, typefaces, and unique effects.


ASS is an abbreviation for Advanced SubStation Alpha. It covers all of the characteristics of SSA as well as extensions based on the basic SSA features.


It may seem difficult at first to add subtitles to your video, but after reading this post in full, it will be very simple to do so with the guidance of software or an online service. Subtitles may be easily, quickly, and conveniently embedded into movies with the help of VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate. It is a user-friendly and powerful video making software. Hope you enjoy your creation with VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate!

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