H.265 Converter: Convert Video from and to H.265

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H.265, as the new video compression standard, can bring users higher quality video with the smaller size. Usually, it is widely used in 4K videos, Ultra High Definition Television (UHDTV), and even the 8K UHD.

For this, there is a need for finding a H.265/HEVC converter. Because we might need to convert the H.265/HEVC video to H.264, MP4, MKV, etc. due to the incompatible problem. Or you just need to convert video to H.265 for reduce the file size or some other reason. So, find the best H.265 converter is the main topic that we discuss today. Now read on to know more.


Recommended! The Practical and Good H.265/HEVC Converter

HEVC encoding is CPU-taking, so we need a HEVC converter that support NVIDIA NEVNC or QSV to save the conversion time.

Then, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is a good choice. This program fully supports the H.265 video compression format, which means you can convert any video to H.265 easily or convert H.265 video to usual format with fast speed. This program has 6X faster speed because it supports GPU acceleration technology including NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel GPU.

Just download it from the button below and I am sure you’ll like it.

How to Convert H.265 Video and Vice Versa

Step 1. Download and Install H.265 Converter

From the “Download” button above, you can download the latest version of VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate. Then install it on your computer.

Step 2. Add Source Videos

Launch this program and you will see an intuitive interface. Click the “+” icon in the center to add your source videos. Or you can directly drag and drop the video folder into this program. Multiple videos can be added at a time to convert in batch. You can add common videos to VideoSolo to convert them to H.265. Or you can also add H.265 videos and then convert them to MP4, AVI, MKV, 3GP, etc.

VideoSolo Video Converter Add Files

Step 3. Choose Output Format

• Set H.265 as the output format

To convert video to H.265, just click the “Convert All to” on the top right corner to open output format list. Go to “Video” Category and find HEVC MP4. You can also directly search it at bottom left.

• Set other formats as output format

To convert H.265 video to MP4, etc. You can go to “Convert All to” > “Video” to select the common video formats. Or you can directly set the specific device as your output format.

Choose Video Output Format and Quality

Step 4. Start the Video Conversion

When you finish the steps above, you can click “Convert All” button to start converting your H.265 videos or convert videos to H.265. Within few minutes, the whole conversion will be finished easily. You can go to your destination folder to check the converted files.

Converting Audio VideoSolo

With the GPU acceleration, VideoSolo will save much conversion time for you. Now you can take a try on this best free H.265 converter, it won’t let you down.

Extra Content - Concerning H.265, or HEVC

H.265, also called HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding), is the successor to the currently most commonly used video compression format – H.264. So, it is not a video format, but a kind of video compression standard, which compresses video files to 50% with the most proficient encoding format.

Compared to H.264, HEVC/H.265 can offer much higher image quality at the same bit rate. With such advantage, lots of people love to convert video or rip DVD to H.265 when they need. This is a great choice for keeping the video image quality as well as reducing the file size. In other words, HEVC/H.265 gains 50% bit rate reduction at the same image quality. H.265 supports a resolution from 260p up to 8K UHD (8192*4320). H.265 will dominate over others in the next five years following the growth of 4K UHD content streaming.

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