How to Mirror Android Screen to PC Wireless or via USB

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Represent an important part of modern life, smartphones enable us to communicate and receive messages from nearly everywhere. But in some situations, people might want to see their phone screen on a computer, like remotely controlling the Android devices with a broken screen or want to show information to more people with a bigger screen. At this point, screen mirroring becomes very important.

Screen mirroring is a way by which you can remotely share or so-called mirror the screen of one device to another, such as mirroring Android Screen to PC. Some people might think it a tough job to share a smartphone screen to a computer. It is not, however, there are plenty of ways to do this. Today we will show you two main and most convenient methods to mirror Android screen to PC, and once you’ve gained the knowledge about mirroring and installed all the necessary applications, the whole process becomes a breeze.


How to Mirror Android Screen to PC Wireless

Formerly, the only method to connect your smartphone to your PC is via USB. But it’s a little bit annoying to set up USB Hub and do tons of USB debugging. Now, glad tidings for computer idiots that mirroring android to PC wireless is no longer a hot potato. Through a Wi-Fi connection, only a quick few step can help you mirror android to pc without USB debugging.

Mirror Android Screen to PC with FonePaw ScreenMo

If you are finding the most powerful and handy software to do screen mirroring wireless, it must be FonePaw ScreenMo. It contains powerful functions which can be used to record games, tutorials, and audios on Android and screen mirroring to PC, it can also mirror multiple devices to the computer at the same time. You don’t need to worry about any problems with USB debugging or jailbreak due to its wirelessly mirroring feature. Synchronous presentation and recording smoothly and can be viewed and captured in HD without any quality loss.


It also supports mirroring and recording Android devices with Google Cast.

Step 1. Launch FonePaw ScreenMo.

Download and Install FonePaw ScreenMo. After installation, run the program.

Step 2. Set Up Android Devices and PC

Connect your Android devices and PC, and make sure they are connecting to the same Wi-Fi network.

Android ScreenMo Homepage

Step 3. Connect Android to PC

Swipe down the screen to reveal Control Center on your Android device and then tap Screen Cast. The pop-up window will show you the acknowledgment information. Click Start to begin.

Android Screenmo Start Casting

Step 4. Mirror Android Screen to PC

Now, your Android should be shown on your PC. You can start to operate or record your screen.

Android Screenmo Casting Android Screen


Sometimes the running smoothness might influent by your network condition. If the internet connection is good, then your operation on the phone will be recorded smoothly.

Step 5. Export the Recording

Click on the record button again to finish mirroring. Click Start Export to export your file.

VideoSolo Phone Recorder UI


For FonePaw ScreenMo, you can set up the output settings before you export your video file. You can change the video frame size, save path, and file name according to your needs.

With FonePaw ScreenMo, you can use it to mirror and capture gameplay on the PC screen, do a presentation or display your report to the public, record teaching demonstrations in detail and capture lessons for your students.

Mirror Android Screen to PC with VideoSolo MirrorEase

After introducing FonePaw ScreenMo, some people may say, FonePaw ScreenMo is just for screen-mirroring, to record my demonstration video, I want some video-editable software that can mirror my android screen, and most importantly, can take a snapshot during my mirror. Well, for that, VideoSolo MirrorEase is also a very good choice for you.

VideoSolo MirrorEase is versatile screen mirroring software that can mirror and record iOS/Android devices screen without lag or watermark. It can record phone speaker and PC speaker voice with audio in very high quality, and enable snapshots during the mirroring or recording.

Step 1. Run VideoSolo MirrorEase and choose Android Mirror. Then, you need to connect your Android device to your computer and VideoSolo. Wireless connection and wired connection are both supported, and you can just follow the instruction to continue.

VideoSolo Android Phone Recorder Connect


Make sure your device and the PC are connecting to the same Wi-Fi network. And you can also choose to connect through a PIN Code or QR Code, which can be more precise.

Step 2. After you’ve successfully connected your Android device, you can then see your Android screen on your computer. You can also screen record your Android by choosing “Record”.

When what you need to record is done, click the Pause button to end the recording.


You can also set up the device resolution, recording content, and output resolution before the recording. What’s more, the snapshot function which you are concerned about is also available, you can do the snapshot anytime, even when you are not recording. And the snapshot pictures will be saved in the “Recording history”. Besides, The recording file will be automatically saved to the local computer. And you can preview it in History later.

This is the process of mirroring and recording Android to PC with VideoSolo MirrorEase. It contains many extra functions like clip-editing, on the base of screen mirroring. You can also use it to record live streamrecord zoom meeting.

Mirror Android Screen to PC with Sound

It can be understood that sometimes you may want to mirror your phone screen with sound to bring a more enjoyable experience, or you may want to also record your voice during the presentation recording. All these can be satisfied by the two software we introduced above. These two Apps can also do sound projection while you are mirroring your screen on the PC. And you can even choose the sound recording content you want to show on the PC.

Take VideoSolo MirrorEase as an example. In the Settings panel, you can clearly see the voice channel to record. Therefore, just choose the one you need.

Speaker Record


Select and check the “Speaker” boxes based on your own needs, you can choose mirror with Phone microphone sound or PC speaker sound only, or with both sounds at the same time. What’s more, you can also volume up or down the system audio and microphone sound during the mirroring and recording.

How to Mirror Android Screen to PC via USB

After introducing how to mirror android to pc wireless, some people will ask how can I mirror android to pc without WiFi? For the circumstance that there is no network at the moment, we can mirror Android screen to PC via USB.

How to do the USB debugging

Before mirroring via USB, we need to enable developer options on your phone and do the USB debugging first. The steps are as below:

Step 1. Find and tap the “Settings” icon on your device. Select “System”, then scroll the list and tap “About phone”.

Step 2. Find “Build number” and tap it several times (maybe 5-7 times) until a popup message informs you that you are now a developer.

Android Setting Bulid Number
Android Setting Enable Developer


You might be asked to enter your security password like PIN code, pattern, or fingerprint scan to enable this action.

Step 3. Back to the “System” menu and find the new-added “Developer options”. Tap and scroll down the list, and you will see the “USB debugging” option. Turn on to allow USB debugging.

Android Enable USB Debugging


The operating step might be slightly different on various versions of Android.

How to Mirror Android Screen to PC via USB with Scrcpy

The USB debugging mode has already been activated now, we can start mirroring Android screen to PC via USB. Here we highly recommend Scrcpy.
Scrcpy is a very popular software that can mirror Android screens on your PC via USB for free. For this program, you don’t need to download or install apps on your Android phone, and it is very handy to use, yet the setup is a little rather complex.

Step 1. Navigate to the Scrcpy page on GitHub. Scroll down and download the Scrcpy zip file for your platform. Scroll down and find “Get the app” section. Click to “download” the install file.

Android Download Scrcpy

Step 2. Install and Run Scrcpy after the download.

Step 3. Prepare a USB cable to connect your Android phone and your PC.

Step 4. A popup window may ask you whether to allow USB debugging, tap “Allow”. And Scrcpy will start up automatically. Now you can see your Android screen show on your PC.

Scrcpy Mirror Screen to PC

With Scrcpy mirroring, you can use your physical mouse and keyboard to control your Android screen or apps inside your phone. For people whose phone is broken or without internet but still want to mirror or control the phone, Scrcpy is really a saviour.

Why Android Screen Mirroring to PC Wireless Is Better Than via USB



Via   USB





Screen Recorder


Need network connect


USB debugging





Mirroring with sound


Control via computer






Video Editable











Which is better to mirror Android screen to PC? Wireless or via USB? See this form above, I think you already know the answer.

Mirror Android screen to PC wireless is quicker and more convenient than via USB, it does not need any USB cable or debugging which can save time. And the extra function of those wireless mirroring apps can help you to improve the quality of the recording video, such as mirroring or recording screen with sound, snapshots during the recording, and even editing the video after the recording.

Well, every method has its merits and quirks.

  • For people who want to mirror their screen to PC as soon as possible and do not need any recording, FonePaw ScreenMo is a solid choice. After connection, it can startup and mirror your screen in no time.

  • For the one who has more requirements on the screen recording, try VideoSolo MirrorEase, as a multifunctional screen recording program, it can not only mirror and record your screen, video editingresolution setting, and voice recording are all optionable.

  • And for the people whose smartphones are too badly damaged to do too many screen operations, or some people whose network environment is limitedScrcpy can help you out.

So here are all the methods to mirror Android screen to PC, pick one that is apply to your situation and go into action.

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