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Mirroring has become a very popular way to do a presentation with your phone, sometimes you may want to show others important information across a bigger screen rather than your phone screen, or in the circumstance that your iPhone screen has broken and you have to mirror and control your iPhone screen on PC. So have you ever tried to mirror your iPhone to your PC? Any difficulties come up during your operation? Roll down to check this article and learn useful ways to help you mirror iPhone screen to PC in a very quick time.


The Restriction of Mirroring iPhone to PC

Phone is a very prolific invention, arguably an indispensable intellectual product to the world’s technological advances. An estimated 1 billion people now use iPhones worldwide. However, when comes to the situation we want to mirror our iPhones on our PC laptops, many restrictions and problems get in the way.

The iPhone has exclusive support from Apple, if you are an Apple fan and own Apple devices, you don’t need to worry about the mirroring problem, as you can use AirPlay to steam your iPhone screen to Mac directly. But for Windows operating system, AirPlay is not supported to mirror the iPhone screen to PC instantly. Therefore, you have to mirror your screen with the help of some tools. Fortunately, here we have 3 handy software that can help you mirror your iPhone to a PC.

Mirror iPhone Screen to PC

How to Mirror iPhone Screen to PC via USB with ApowerManager

In some cases, there may have no WiFi with you, and those mirroring wireless methods are not feasible or possible. Therefore, we highly recommend you mirror your iPhone to your PC via USB cable with ApowerManager. It can give a smooth and stable mirroring and need no internet.

Step 1. Download and Install ApowerManager

Download the installer of ApowerManager, and install it both on your iPhone and PC.

Step 2. Connect iPhone and PC using a USB cable

Plug and connect your iPhone and PC using a USB cable. Then, wait for ApowerManager to detect your devices automatically.

ApowerManager iOS Connect

Step 3. Start mirroring your iPhone to your PC

Tap the “Reflect” button located at the left corner of the interface to start mirroring the iPhone to PC.


For your first time using ApowerManager, a security warning may pop out on your phone, tap “Trust” on your iPhone screen to enable the mirroring.

So these are the steps to mirror iPhone screen to PC via USB with ApowerManager, it’s very simple and needs no internet, very suitable for the people who do not have WiFi. And the mirroring will be safer and more stable via USB rather than wireless. However, for the people who do have WiFi, mirror iPhone to PC wireless will also give you a big surprise with its handy operation, quick connecting speed and amazing functions.

How to Mirror iPhone to PC Wireless with Audio

Quite apart from the network problem, someone may want to mirror your iPhone to your PC with sound. Developers and teachers often run into this kind of problem when trying to demonstrate something or do the tutorials to the audience. If you choose to mirror iPhone screen via USB with sound, you also have to connect an audio cord which is somehow troublesome.

In this case, mirroring iPhone to PC wireless should be the most convenient and efficient way to display your iPhone screen and fulfill all these needs. Now there have many powerful tools which can not only mirror your screen with audio wireless, as well as record your screen smooth and clearly without limitation, but also can give you various useful functions that help you improve your mirroring experience. Why not come and have a try!

Mirror iPhone to PC via wireless with ScreenMo

To talk about efficient and handy mirroring software, FonePaw ScreenMo should lead the charge. FonePaw ScreenMo is expert at screen mirroring and all kinds of recording on iPhone/iPad to PC. It can also mirror multiple devices to the computer at the same time. You don’t need to worry about any USB debugging problems or jailbreak due to its wireless and easy-used mirroring feature. Safe and stable operation ensured the mirroring quality of your device in real-time with no lag. Synchronous presentation and recording smoothly and can be viewed and captured in HD without any quality loss.

Step 1. Launch FonePaw ScreenMo.

Download and Install FonePaw ScreenMo. Then, Run the program.

Step 2. Set Up Your iPhone Devices and PC

Connect your iOS devices and PC, remember to make sure they are connecting to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 3. Connect Your iPhone to PC

On your iOS devices, Swipe up the screen to reveal Control Center and choose AirPlay Mirroring/Screen Mirroring. The AirPlay receiver on your PC would be automatically detected on your iPhone. Tap on it to get iPhone and the PC connected.

FonePaw ScreenMo Hauptoberfläche

Step 4. Mirror iPhone to Windows Screen

Now, your iPhone screen should be automatically displayed on your PC. You can start to operate or record your screen, and the recorded videos would be saved as MP4 on your computer.

iOS Screenmo Start Mirroring Screen


The running smoothness might be slightly influent by your network condition. Your operation, mirroring and recording will be smooth if the internet connection is good.

Step 5. Export the Recording

Click on the record button again to finish mirroring. Click Start Export to export file.

iOS Screenmo Export Video


For FonePaw ScreenMo, you can set up the output settings before you export your video file. You can change the video frame size, save path, and file name according to your needs.

With FonePaw ScreenMo, you can mirror your iPhone or iPad screen with only one click. It can capture all kinds of screen activities on your iOS devices, like games, live chats, App’s usage, and can record the screen during the mirroring, the recording files are available to be saved as an HD video.

Mirror iPhone to PC wireless with VideoSolo

For the people who have more requirements on the final output quality of the mirroring, VideoSolo MirrorEase might be your solid choice.

VideoSolo MirrorEase is a versatile screen recording software that can mirror and record any on-screen activity without lag or watermark. It can record phone voice and PC speaker voice with audioin very high quality, and enable snapshots during the mirroring or recording.

Step 1. Run VideoSolo MirrorEase and choose iOS Mirror. Tap on the “Screen Mirroring” icon on your iPhone and swipe up the screen to reveal Control Center and choose AirPlay Mirroring/Screen Mirroring, and select VideoSolo MirrorEase to connect.


Make sure your device and the PC are connecting to the same WiFi network.

Step 2. After successful connection, you can see your iPhone screen on your computer. If you want to record your iPhone screen too, click the “Record” button to start recording.

When what you need to record is done, click the Stop button to end the recording.


You can also set up the device resolution, recording content, and output resolution before the recording. What’s more, you can do the snapshot during the mirroring or recording. And the snapshot pictures will be saved in the “Recording history”.

Step 3. Click “Export” to output your recording file. You can edit the video after the recording through the edit toolbar below. Then click “Export” to export your video.


The recording file will be automatically saved to the local computer, in case there’s a crashing splash screen or you exit the software accidentally. You can preview it in History later.

This is the process of mirroring and recording iOS to PC with VideoSolo MirrorEase.

If you also want to record desktop activities on your omputer, VideoSolo boasts another program that allows recording live streams, and recording zoom meetings. You can even mirror iPhone to pc as Web camera and record audio from browser.

How to Mirror Your iPhone to Your PC with Audio?

You may ask, how to mirror my iPhone to my PC laptop with audio? Well, the answer is already mentioned above. Both FonePaw ScreenMo and VideoSolo MirrorEase are supported to mirror your iPhone screen with your phone audio, if you want to record the sound or human voice from outside, you can choose the sound recording content you want to show on the PC.

Take VideoSolo MirrorEase as an example, by entering the Settings panel, you can do the sound check, and choose which chanel to record while screen recording.

Speaker Record


For iOS does not support casting screen with microphone, if you want to mirror or record the outside sound, you can check the “PC microphone” box to mirror the voiceover from the PC microphone. What’s more, you can also volume up or down the system audio and microphone sound during the mirroring and recording.



Via   USB





Screen Recorder


Need network connect


Need USB cable





Mirroring with sound





Video Editable











This article has introduced you to 3 efficient ways that can mirror your iPhone screen to a PC with ease. You may find it difficult to figure out which is better to mirror iPhone screen to PC, Wireless or via USB?

See the form above, Mirror Android screen to PC wireless is quicker and more convenient than via USB, it does not need any USB cable or debugging which can save time. And the extra function of those wireless mirroring apps can help you to improve the quality of the recording video.

  • For people who have the network, try FonePaw ScreenMo it can help you mirror iPhone to PC in a quick time.

  • And don’t forget VideoSolo MirrorEase, as a multifunctional screen recording program, it can not only mirror and record your screen, video editingresolution setting, and voice recording are all optionable.

  • For the people who do not have WiFiApowerManager can help you out.

Pick one that suits your needs and go into action.

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