How to Record Audio from the Internet (Include Streaming Music and Radio)

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There are many cases when we need to record the audio from the Internet for later playback or other personal uses. The audio files can be your favorite live streaming music and radio, important business conferences or discussions, Skype calls, newly-released pop music or invaluable classic albums, etc. For some newbies, to record audio from the computer is a pain in the neck. Worry no more! This passage is going to equip you with the most useful knowledge of grabbing any audio stream from the Internet within simple clicks.

Premium Recorder for Any Audio File from the Internet

While there are a variety of free sound recorders, their functions and ease of use may diverge from each other. To save your time and energy in making your selections, here we will recommend a top one which outshines many other Internet audio recorders for Mac and Windows users.

VideoSolo Screen Recorder is our focus. You shouldn't be fooled by its name, mistakenly believing it only records screen. To your expectation, VideoSolo Screen Recorder is a highly multi-functional recorder of video, webcam and above all audio. With it, you can freely record any audio streaming available on the Internet, like music, Internet radio stations, the audio track of your loved YouTube videos, etc.

  • It enables you to save the audio files played by any music services and websites even when your system sound is mute. This feature is particularly convenient when you are in a quiet place, like the office or library;
  • You are free to capture the sound from Microphone (though this feature is exclusive to Windows users);
  • Different quality types, ranging from "Lowest" to "Lossless" are of your choice.

Easy Guide- How to Grab Online Audio Within Clicks

To learn how to grab audio streams from the Internet, please follow the easy steps below.

Step 1. Fire It up After Installation

Choose the right version and download the program from the button below. After installation, activate the VideoSolo Screen Recorder icon.

Note: We will be using VideoSolo Screen Recorder for Windows, but with Mac version, you will be equally easy to record audio on Mac from the Internet.

Step 2. Choose "Audio Recorder" and Adjust Sound Effect

From its main interface, press "Audio Recorder" to only record sound.

Main Interface of VideoSolo Screen Recorder

On the next window, turn on the system sound and off Microphone sound if you only want to create an audio file from online sources and have no need to record audio from an auxiliary input device. Otherwise, turn on both buttons. Don't forget to move the slider below the button to adjust audio volumes.

Audio Recorder VideoSolo

Step 3. Preset Parameters

Head "More settings" above "Microphone" button and you can make your preferences on the pop-up window. Jump to "Output" section to select the audio format and quality of your output.

Choose Output Video Output Format

Step 4. Hit "REC" to Record and Start Playing Audio

After all is set, get the audio file which you want to record ready. Go ahead with "REC" on VideoSolo Screen Recorder, and immediately press the play button of the to-be-recorded audio file.

As soon as the audio ends, stop recording by clicking the rectangular button on the top left corner.

Recording Audio VideoSolo

It immediately pops up a preview window. Go ahead with "Save" and several more clicks to upload it to your computer within seconds.

Preview Audio Recording VideoSolo

Whether the audio is live streamed by radio or reproduced by other programs like iTunes and RealPlayer, VideoSolo Screen Recorder can record any audio file from the Internet. Besides, its other features like the video recorder, webcam recorder as well as screenshot add flavor to your recording experience. Since you have already learned how to extract audio, why not get recording with VideoSolo Screen Recorder right now!

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