How to Record CSGO Gameplay [2023 Detailed Guide]

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CSGO has amassed millions of fans over the years and also started a new trend of people recording GSCO demos and sharing them on YouTube for fun or as strategy guides. But massive CSGO clips on YouTube comes with great competition. Because the more views you want, the more dedicated and useful CSGO recordings you need to make. So how to record GSCO gameplay and make it more watchable is a question that needs a much-needed solution. In this case, you might as well spend some time on this post, where you will be introduced to 6 handy and versatile GSCO clip recorders that are fully compatible with Windows and Mac. With their help, you can clip GSCO more efficiently and upload them to YouTube for more views and likes a step faster. Now, let’s dive in!

Record CSGO Gameplay in a Professional Way

VideoSolo Screen Recorder can be the best CSGO clip recorder. Not only does it take a leading way in various scenarios recording, but it specializes in gameplay recording, which comes with the window lock and facecam features. The former one can enable you to record CSGO smoothly, without the disturbance of other windows or pop-ups. Even if you receive a message during gaming, it will not appear on your recording video. And the facecam feature can make your CSGO clips more interactive because it can allow you to record the screen and the webcam at the same time.
Better yet, VideoSolo Screen Recorder can perfect CSGO demos with the built-in trim feature. No more beautification applications are required. You can edit CSGO gameplay recordings or make eye-catching GIFs in some simple clicks with only a game recorder.
To make CSGO clips more satisfying, VideoSolo Screen Recorder also embeds other user-friendly features as follows:
  • Designed with intuitive interfaces that can make you get started with no sweat;
  • Enables you to record CSGO gameplay with high-res and lag-free quality at up to 60 fps;
  • Provides you with super-clear soundtracks with a noise-cancellation feature;
  • Boasts many output formats, including MP4, WMV, MOV, F4V, TS, AVI, etc.;
  • Supports annotating, and taking screenshots while recording in real-time;
  • Supports personalized settings like customized recording area, video&audio codec, mouse courser(visible or not), and so forth;
  • Offers you an output CSGO demos with no watermarks.

Now let’s take it into use. Look at this video tutorial, or learn how to record CSGO gameplay on your computer with the text tutorials below.

Step 1. Free Download the CSGO Gameplay Recorder

Before starting to clip in CSGO, you need to download VideoSolo Screen Recorder on your computer by clicking on the download button below.

Step 2. Fire It up and Choose "Game Recorder"

Once you have launched VideoSolo Screen Recorder, on its main interface, press the Game Recorder button to capture the CSGO gameplay videos.

Main Interface of VideoSolo Screen Recorder

Step 3. Select the Gameplay Window

Launch CSGO on your Steam. Click on the arrow beside the first game button and drop down a list of operating windows. Find out CSGO and select it as the game window. The recording software will lock capturing it.

VideoSolo Game Recorder

Step 4. Set up Your Webcam and Sound Effect

Webcam is available on the second button for you to capture your own face during playing CSGO. Once you have turned it on, make some adjustments as you need.

You should click on the third and fourth button to green because they respectively represent your system audio and microphone audio. Turning on the latter can capture your own voice during recording. Don’t forget to do a sound check at Preferences > Sound to make sure it works well.

Step 5. Specific Settings

Head to More settings on the interface, and tick the corresponding boxes to your preferences. We suggest hiding the floating bar and highlighting your cursor during recording CSGO for a better video-watching experience. It’s also highly advised to remember hotkeys for stopping recording after the event.

Choose Video Output Format

Step 6. Start and Finish Recording

Hit the red REC button or use hotkeys to begin recording.

Having captured the exciting gaming moments in CSGO, use the Stop hotkey or “Show the float bar” hotkey and then press the stop button to end your recording. Save to the directory of your computer according to the simple instructions within a few clicks.

Record PS4 Gameplay VideoSolo

You can check your recorded CSGO clips conveniently at recording history. Now click the “Share” button, and you are able to share your recorded CSGO gameplay with your friends via YouTube or Facebook.

Share Recorded Video VideoSolo

Record CSGO Gameplay with OBS

OBS Studio, short for Open Broadcaster Software, is an exceptionally powerful screen recorder and streaming tool for free. It is strongly valued for its screen and webcam recording feature and high-performance recording facility. As an open-source broadcasting studio, it can incorporate clips from games and integrate them into existing videos. Images and texts are also supported. In addition, you are able to add all these files together with other effects, like audio mixers.
Yet, inevitably, such versatile features can not come without comparatively complicated operations and configurations, which pay off as long as you spend some time exploring its interface. Now, you can refer to the guidance about how to record CSGO gameplay with OBS Studio to proceed with your CSGO clips.

Step 1. Open OBS Studio

First, download OBS, and boot up it on your computer before getting down to record.

Step 2. Add a New Source

Go for the box of Sources at the bottom of the main interface and right click the blank within the box, select Game Capture mode to specifically record CSGO window. You can name it after “CSGO” at your convenience.

Game Capture Add New Source OBS

Step 3. Launch CSGO and Select CSGO Window

Next up, launch CSGO to get it ready for recording. Then turn to OBS Studio interface, select the mode Capture specific window. and choose CSGO window as your targeted capture window. Once clicked, the CSGO window will immediately pop up within your recording region.

Capture Specific Window OBS

Step 4. Define Video and Output Settings

Find the Video and Output tab by clicking File > Settings at the upper left corner of the interface and make your preferences according to your computer configuration. You may also want to check “Hotkeys” and “Audio” sections in order to make full preparation for capturing

Output Settings OBS

Step 5. Start Recording

Turn back to the main interface after presetting the configuration, and press the Start Recording button to initiate CSGO gameplay recording.

OBS Starting Recording
It’s not difficult to do the basic settings on OBS. But for official recording, you may need to take some time to explore more features.
Moreover, OBS is not so satisfactory for newbies. Many OBS Studio newcomers have experienced lags or stutters in using it to record CSGO gameplay, game commentaries, or other tutorials due to its high demand for CPU.
Therefore, for beginners, it is recommended to use a less sophisticated screen recorder to create your gaming tutorial, such as VideoSolo Screen Recorder.

Bonus Tips: How to Record CSGO with OBS no Log

When you’re streaming with OBS, and there is network latency happening, you can try the following ways to solve it.
    1. Stop other activities that occupy memory
    2. Use the “flushdns” command
    3. Reboot the router and modem
    4. Change WiFi to the Ethernet connection
    5. Update network adapter drivers
If your OBS lags when your are recording, the main reason may be the overloaded GPU. Below you will find some solutions that do work for many OBS users:
    1. Close other programs
    2. Adjust OBS settings
    3. Update graphics card drivers
    4. Lower in-game graphics settings

Record CSGO Using Nvidia GeForce Experience

Do you know what GPU your computer is running? If it is equipped with Nvidia GPU, Nvidia GeForce Experience can be included in your CSGO clip recorder selection. Nvidia GeForce Experience can optimize your computer’s performance and minimize bugs. In this case, it is especially suitable for recording gun changes and hitting action scenes in CSGO. Not only that, screenshots and live-streaming are also available on this practical CSGO demo maker. To try Nvidia GeForce Experience recording CSGO gameplay, you can follow the steps below.
Step 1. Head to the Nvidia GeForce Experience site, download, and open it. Go to “Settings” to check if the In-Game Overlay is on. If it is, the overlay will be displayed on your desktop.
Nvidia In-Game Overlay
Step 2. Click on Recordings from the In-Game Overlay to do some basic settings, like save path.
Save Path Setting Nvidia
Step 3. Now you can hit “Record” > “Customize” to delineate the recording area and select resolution and frame rate. Of course, remember to turn on the sound and the webcam if you need from the overlay.
Step 4. When all is done, click on “Start” to begin clipping CSGO (a Shortcut of “Alt+F9” is also available).
Record CSGO Using Nvidia
Step 5. If you want to stop and save CSGO demos, just use the same shortcut of “Alt+F9” to make it done.

Record CSGO Clips with Xbox Game Bar

The Game Bar is a built-in tool in Windows 10 that is installed on your computer’s hard drive. Many CSGO gamers use it directly to record in CSGO. If you want to use it, all you need to do is to sign up with your Microsoft account to get access to the program and install it. But it can’t capture the whole screen or specific parts of the screen. The steps to using it are as follows.
Step1. First, you need to make sure the Game Bar is activated. Press the Windows key to open the Start menu, then choose Settings > Gaming > Game Bar. Here you can turn it on.
Setting Gaming Xbox Game Bar
Step2. Tap on the Record button to start recording the CSGO gameplay.
Record CSGO Xbox Game Bar
Step3. If your recording is finished, you can press Windows + Alt+ G to stop and the video will be saved.

Record CSGO demos Using QuickTime

If you like to play CSGO on Mac, you can use QuickTime to record CSGO gameplay. QuickTime is a multimedia program for recording games that only Mac users can use. It is relatively simple and convenient to use. However, if you want to upload the recorded video to TikTok or other platforms, you need to upload it manually. And the following is the way to record CSGO demos using QuickTime.
Step1. Launch QuickTime on your Mac and click Files > New Screen Recording.
Start Video Recording Quicktime
Step2. Open your CSGO game and click the circle Record button to enter the CSGO recording mode and then tap on the Start Recording button to start your gameplay.
Step3. Tap on the Stop button and save your recorded clips.

Record in CSGO with Online CSGO Clip Recorder

Apowersoft is a free online CSGO clip recorder. The distinguishing feature of Apowersoft is that you can use it online without downloading it. Its features can make you record every activity on your screen, including CSGO gameplay, and there is no time limitation. Better yet, the webcam is supported by Apowersoft while recording CSGO clips, which is conducive to creating a CSGO walkthrough. If you want a specific recording process, you can check the steps below and enjoy recording in CSGO with the online tool.
Step1. Open the CSGO game and visit Apowersoft Screen Recorder.
Step2. Click on Start Recording to start recording your game and you can add preferences while recording the video.
Start Recording Apowersoft Screen Recorder
Step3. Tap on Stop recording to end the process and save it.
Note: Due to Apowersoft’s online feature, it can be somewhat limited if you don’t have a great Internet connection and stability. Thus, you’d better prepare a fail-safe, like VideoSolo Screen Recorder, to ensure your constant CSGO recording share.

FAQs about Recording CSGO Clips

Game Recorder is not Capturing CSGO Gameplay. How to Fix?

This problem arises more frequently after CSGO’s update in July 2020. Most commonly, it’s because CSGO has launched a trusted mode that forbids third-party programs to interact with the gameplay. That is why the recording mode which selects the CSGO game as a specific window doesn’t work and shows you a black screen.

CSGO Trusted Mode
   1. A quick fix is to try an alternative way to record the CSGO gameplay videos. It doesn’t literally ask you to change your recording program, but just try another way to record instead of “Game Recorder” or “Game Capture”.
    As exemplified by VideoSolo Screen Recorder, turn to the Video Recorder feature, which helps you record videos more flexibly from recording the full screen to capturing a customized area.
    2. You can also make some changes to the CSGO game part. That is, open your Steam, right-click CSGO > Properties > SET LAUNCH OPTION, and then enter -untrusted at the input box and save the changes. This way is to run your game in an entrusted mode to empower the third-party programs to record the gameplay.

Which is the Best Software for CSGO on Computer?

Personally, VideoSolo Screen Recorder is the best software for CSGO on computer. VideoSolo Screen Recorder is a screen recorder that has relatively impeccable function. It can record video and audio with high quality, no watermarking and no delay. It also supports a video quality at up to 60fps and 10-bit H.265 codec so that it can occupy less space and export fast. What’s more, if you are worried about the interference in the recording process and the recording process is not highlighted, then it has window locking function and annotation function to solve your concerns. It can also support the webcam, so you can actually interact with people during the recording process without embarrassment.
Tips: If you want to know more details of VideoSolo Screen Recorder’s advantages and disadvantage, you can read this article: 10 Best Minecraft Screen Recorder for PC & Mac [No Lag!].


There are six ways to record CSGO gameplay. You can choose any of them to use. However, if you want to have a one-stop CSGO clip recorder, VideoSolo Video Recorder can be your best choice. With no more usage thresholds and complicated interfaces, VideoSolo Video Recorder can give you the best experience. Most importantly, window lock, trim, annotation, and other sparkling features embedded in this industry-leading software can always turn your CSGO clips into the most popular ones. Now give it a shot and install VideoSolo Video Recorder at once!
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