How to Register VideoSolo Screen Recorder

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If you’re satisfied with VideoSolo Screen Recorder and want to get the full version, you need to register the program.

To register the VideoSolo Screen Recorder, click the “Purchase” button in the program to get a registration license if you don’t have one right now. Or you can go back to the “Product” page to buy a registration license. Now the registration license has 3 different versions: one-year license, single lifetime license and family lifetime license.

After you finished the purchase, the registration code will be sent to the email address that you filled in the order information.

  1. Go to your mailbox and open the email.

  2. Open VideoSolo Screen Recorder and click on the “Register” icon on the upper right corner to open the registration window. Then fill in the email address and the registration code (You’d better directly copy the registration code from the email and paste it to the registration window).

  3. After that, click “Activate” to finish the registration of VideoSolo Screen Recorder.

Registration VideoSolo Screen Recorder Windows

(Registration interface of Windows)

Registration VideoSolo Screen Recorder Windows

(Registration interface of Mac)

Usually, the email that contains the order information will be sent to you immediately once you finished the purchase. If you don’t receive the email, check your spam folder, it may be there. If it’s not, make sure that you didn’t fill in the wrong email address when you’re doing the purchase. Don’t worry if you have filled the wrong email address, you can contact the support team from “Product” page with the order number attached.

That’s the whole process for registering VideoSolo Screen Recorder. In addition, please make sure that your computer has a good internet connection during the registration. If you still failed to register the program, you can contact the “Product” with the screenshot attached.

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Prince Kumar
9 months ago

what is register code i dont know

5 months ago
Reply to  Prince Kumar

After your purchase is completed, the registration code will be automatically sent to your mailbox.If you don’t receive it, please check your trash can.