How to Convert ARF to MP4 With/Without WebEx

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WebEx is the most widely used teleconference platform in the world, with its powerful and user-friendly connecting functions. There must be a time when you need to record the WebEx meeting for referring back or saving data. However, when downloading its recordings, you may find that its default ARF format is vulnerable, and not compatible with most media players on the market, which can bring some inconvenience for you.

In addition, the downloaded video in ARF format doesn’t support being edited directly once more. Don’t worry. This article will share with you several methods to convert ARF to MP4. Take a seat and follow on.


Before Converting ARF to MP4: Learn Something about WebEx Recordings

Prior to moving on how to convert ARF to MP4, let’s figure out several concepts first, which include the explanation of ARF file, the comparison between ARF and MP4, and where the WebEx recordings locates to download your ARF files.

What Is an ARF File?

An ARF file is a WebEx advanced recording file using Network-Based Recording (NBR) and saves the video data like the contents, an attendee list, and other information on separate panels. This kind of Network-Based Recording, relying on WebEx’s cloud recording, is not available to users of WebEx’s free plan. What’s more, ARF files can not be edited and are difficult to upload directly to other media platforms such as YouTube.

ARF vs.MP4

Both ARF and MP4 belong to the category of video/audio formats, but they are different in multiple aspects due to their own distinguishing features.


  • A higher quality audio/video format, but lower than MP4
  • Broadly used and the default format in most meetings
  • Can only be created inside a Webex meeting, session, or event
  • Record the desktop, application shares, and any other meeting content
  • Files can’t be edited straightforwardly, but the beginning and end of the playback can be clipped


  • The newest recording format
  • Highest-quality audio and video
  • Supported in Cisco Webex Meetings (WMS33.6 and later) and Events (WMS33.6 and later)
  • Can be played on any device that supports MP4 format playback, including mobile devices
  • Can be edited by third-party editors

How to Find and Download WebEx Recordings?

The very first thing to do is to locate where the downloaded WebEx recordings are stored. In fact, just as mentioned initially, ARF files are saved when you adopt the cloud recording which is based on web. So, you can access your recordings and share or download them from your WebEx site. Here are the concrete procedures to find and download your Webex Recordings.

Find and download your cloud recordings

Step 1. Sign into your WebEx site.

Step 2. Click the “Recording” button on the left navigation bar to check all of your recordings.

Step 3. Find the recordings you want to download and click the corresponding Download button.

Find WeBex Recodings

Method 1. Convert ARF to MP4 With WebEx Network Recording Player

From the Webex Meeting V40.10 on, all the recordings are stored in MP4 format by default. But if you are still using the old version of WebEx, which means the previously recorded meetings are in ARF format, you can consider using WebEx Network Recording Player to convert the video format to MP4. WebEx Network Recording Player, is a free tool designed by Cisco to play back recorded WebEx meetings in ARF format. It also backs up converting ARF to MP4, a more compatible format. A frustrating point is that, compared to the Windows version, its Mac version is limited to playing ARF files only, instead of converting ARF files to MP4.

If you hope to have a try, here are the specific steps to convert ARF to MP3 with WebEx Network Recording Player.

Step 1. Install and launch WebEx Network Recording Player, then go to the “File”>”Open” to open the recording file.

Step 2. After importing the AFR files, go to the path of “File”>”Convert”>”MP4″.

Convert ARF to MP4 with WebEx Network Player

Step 3.  In the “Save” dialog box select the location where you want to save the file. You can also choose the content elements in the Content Options Panels, and adjust the quality, and video codec.

Step 4. Convert ARF to MP4.

Note that the converted video quality is not as satisfying as the original ARF file, even though the high-quality option is on. What’s more, you also need to provide the WebEx site, the WebEx account and password to it. 

So, if you’re a MacOS user and hope to demand a higher video output quality in MP4 format without a WebEx account, why not have a try of the third-party tool called VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate? It can meet your needs perfectly.

Method 2. Convert ARF to MP4 Without Webex on Mac/Windows (Hot!!)

VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate can directly convert ARF format to MP4 without WebEx account. As a 50X faster video converter, it encourages you to convert, edit, compress, and merge videos within it once for all, which guarantees you to get your desired video/audio within a few seconds.

Additionally, it also offers the functions of clipping videos and enhancing video effects. Different from WebEx Network Recording Player, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is accessible on both Windows and MacOS, offering a more satisfying output quality like upto 8K Ultra HD.

Key Features

  • Various output formats: convert video/audio to different file formats, offering you more than 1000 options.
  • Ultrafast conversion speed: support batch conversion and 50X faster than ever while getting the perfect image and sound quality, without over encoding/decoding.
  • High-quality output: support HD, 4K, 5K, and up to 8K Ultra HD.
  • Multiple profile presets: compress and convert large files into the formats, resolution, and size as you want.
  • Batch-conversion: convert a batch of videos efficiently to save time.

Best WebEx Converter to MP4: VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate

After realizing the powerful functions of VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate, let’s get on how to operate it.

Step 1. Upload ARF Files to VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate

After downloading and installing VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate, click the “+” button on the main interface to upload files from the computer.
VideoSolo Video Converter Add Files

Step 2. Select Output Format

Go to the “Convert All to” button on the top right corner of the interface to choose MP4 format specifically.
VideoSolo Video Converter Select Output Format

Step 3. Change Output Settings

If you have any other further needs, at the end of each video setting, it also provides you with options icon that can customize the profile, like the encoder, resolution, frame rate and bitrate. You can set up the output format as MP4.

VideoSolo Video Converter Custom Profile
In the left bottom corner, there is a “Save to” option for you to select a storing path. You can choose a place wherever you like or it will save to the default path automatically.
Altering Preset VideoSolo

Step 4. Convert Video Files

Finally, just click the “Convert All” button to begin the conversion process. When it is finished, you can switch to “Converted” section and click the “Open Folder” icon to find the converted files.
VCU Convert All

Method 3. Convert ARF to MP4 Online (Free)

If you feel downloading a tool is troublesome, then you may need an online converter without installing any app. 123APPS Video Converter is a good choice for you in this sense. It helps to convert video files, allowing you to change the video format, resolution or size right in your browser. Most importantly, it is totally free of charge.

Step 1. Click “Open file” and select ARF recording from your computer.

Step 2. Choose the video format MP4 as the final format.

Step 3. Change the settings according to your needs. You can keep the video resolution the same as original, select the video or audio codec, and even set the output file size as you like.

Step 4. Click “Convert” to begin transcoding.

Convert ARF to MP4 with 123APPS Video Converter

As an online converter, 123APPS Video Converter has a slow conversion speed because it depends heavily on the Internet connection. No wonder it will take a long time to finish your conversion process. Moreover, it is annoying when ads frequently disturb you all the time.

From this aspect, comprehensively speaking, if you value time and don’t want to be bothered by ads, the desktop software VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is the best choice for you.

Table Comparison of These Three Methods

Product Support System Batch Conversion Video Editing Tools Output Quality High Conversion Speed Price
VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate Windows, Mac High 50X $34.95 for a month
WebEX Network  Recording Player Windows × × Relatively low × Free
123APPS Video Converter Windows, Mac × × Relatively low × Free

FAQs about WebEX ARF Recordings Playback

Can I Play ARF to MP4 using VLC?

Pitifully the answer is no. Although VLC is a multi-media player, it can’t play videos in ARF format. It doesn’t support converting ARF to MP4 format, either. If you want to convert ARF to MP4, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is highly recommended here for its easy operation, high-quality output and powerful functions. After being converted to MP4, the WebEx meeting recordings can then be freely played on VLC.

Why Does the Webex Player Show Unknown File Format?

Sometimes, you may encounter such a reminder as Error: ‘Unknown file format. You may update your Network Recording Player and try again.’ It usually occurs when playing a recording created on a newer WebEx site than your installed Network Recording Player, as the files created on the fresher site can’t be played on the old player. There are two methods provided for you to choose.

Method 1. Download and install the Network Recording Player from your company’s WebEx site, and then use it to play back your downloaded recordings.

Method 2. If the host sends you a link to download the recording, follow the steps.

Step 1. Click the link to download the recording in the email sent to you.

Download the Recording in Email

Step 2. When a window pops up, click the “Download ARF player” link.

Step 3. Install it and then you can successfully play the downloaded recording.


This article shares with you how to find and download WebEx recordings, and also introduces three tools that can help you convert ARF to MP4, which is a widely compatible format on video players. Compared to the online tool and WebEx Network Recording Player, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate wins out for its high-quality output and attractive functions. Try it now, and it won’t let you down!

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