Simple Solution to Convert MP4 to MP3 Audio Format

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When you have a lot of MP4 recordings or movies and you just want to listen to them as MP3, you have plenty of online services to choose from. That’s ok if your MP4 videos are relatively small and not that much. But that’s not the end. You don’t know what’s going to be embedded in the video once you download, or perhaps receive a lot of spam emails if you follow its site instruction and put your email in. Here we provide another solution to convert MP4 to MP3 without file size or file quantity limitation. The process is totally clean and safe.

Convert MP4 to MP3 Safely in a Quick Process

Except for the online ones, there are a lot of converters you can download for converting MP4 to MP3. VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate must be one of the good choices among them. It supports batch conversion that enables you to convert multiple MP4 videos at a time, no matter how big the file sizes. Meanwhile, this product enables you to do some personalized settings before conversion. For example, you can clip the MP4 video if you only need to convert some of the parts to MP3.

The following instructions will help you convert MP4 to MP3 steps by steps.

Step 1. Install the MP4 to MP3 Converter

There are both Windows and Mac version for you to choose from. You can install VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate without any worries because there is no other bundled software during setup. Once installed, launch this MP4 to MP3 converter. The interface is intuitive and you can master it in a short time.

Step 2. Add Your MP4 Video to the Program

Click the “Add Files” option to open file browser then choose the MP4 file you desire to convert. It supports batch conversion of MP4 as well as other formats, you can even convert an entire folder at one time.

VideoSolo Video Converter Add Files

Step 3. Choose MP3 as the Output Format

In the pull-down list of the “Convert All to” option, you can select the “Audio – MP3” tab to choose one profile as the output format. If you want to change some audio parameters, you can click the “Custom Profile” icon at the one selection line.

Choose Audio Output Format and Quality

Step 4. Clip or Edit the Imported MP4 Video

Sometimes you just need a part of the original MP4 video or want to adjust the sound on account of the abnormal original volume. You can handle these conveniently in this program. Adjust the output volume: click on “Edit” from the main interface. The volume for the output MP3 file can be adjusted up to 200%.

Clip the MP4 video: Click the “Rotate & Crop” option at the toolbar, and drag the sliders to clip the part you need.

Edit Audio of Video

Step 5. Start Converting MP4 to MP3

After making all settings well, you can now click the “Convert All” button to start converting MP4 to MP3. The conversion will finish automatically within a few minutes.

Converting Audio VideoSolo

If you want to have a better user experience in converting MP4 to MP3, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is a powerful converter that we highly recommend. Except for converting MP4 to MP3, it can import almost any video/audio and convert them to over 300 formats like M4A, MKV, AVI, etc. We know that converting MP4 to MP3 is a common need, but if you need to convert to some other formats with specific codec, it would be a rather troublesome business to search online every time. Why not take down this powerful video converter and enjoy its free lifetime update?

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