Movavi Screen Recorder Review 2024: Is It Worth It?

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When you search and select a screen recorder to record your computer screen, you may have heard about Movavi Screen Recorder. As there are both some good and negative reviews on the internet, you may confuse about whether you should trust it or not. So today, this Movavi Screen Recorder review will introduce this software with all the details to you, helping you decide if it is worth trying. Now, start reading the article to know more about the software immediately.


Overview of Movavi Screen Recorder

Designed for almost all Windows and Mac users, the software Movavi Screen Recorder can offer a very easy-to-use and fluent screen recording feature to help you record many activities on computers, such as recording Zoom meetings, presentations, webinars, other online communications, and so on.

Also, with some advanced features and the flexible recording modes provided to select, Movavi Screen Recorder can do more than capture the screens only. You can use it to create tutorial videos and annotate the recordings to mark down some important details.

Key Features of Movavi Screen Recorder

You’ve learned about the basic functions of Movavi Screen Recorder, now also follow to see more features the software can bring to you. You will then know why Movavi Screen Recorder is popular.

Offers Multiple Recording Modes

Movavi Screen Recorder has offered various recording modes, helping you to record screen with audio or capture in a customized area as you need. Also, you can turn on webcam capturing at any time you need, like having an online lesson or doing a video call.

Records Screen in High Quality

Movavi Screen Recorder supports saving your video recordings at up to 1080P resolution and 60FPS, ensuring a smooth screen recording. And the output format and quality can be adjusted according to your needs.

Supports Real-time Annotation

Sometimes you may want to draw on recordings to mark down some important information, or for creating video tutorials for others to watch, so Movavi Screen Recorder also offers a real-time annotation function to help you add arrows, lines, and texts to the recording freely.

Adds Keystroke and Mouse Effects

If you want to create a video tutorial, two important functions should not be missed, which are keystroke callouts and mouse effects. Movavi Screen Recorder supports adding them to the recordings and helps you easily show your audiences the information you want to highlight.

Provides Advanced Editing Functions

To make your recordings output with the best effects, Movavi Screen Recorder also provides some helpful editing tools to edit your screen recordings easily. You can use some provided filters and effects to make the recordings better and more professional if you need to share them with others.

Uploads Recordings to YouTube Directly

After the recordings are created, Movavi Screen Recorder also supports directly uploading them to YouTube for sharing. The software has provided a way to let your recordings be viewed by more people from all over the world.

Limitations of Movavi Screen Recorder

Except for the above attractive features of the software, according to some users, they still meet some limitations and drawbacks in using Movavi Screen Recorder. So before selecting this screen recorder, you’d better see whether you can tolerate its disadvantages first.

Less stable to record screens

Some users of Movavi Screen Recorder have met software crashes while they are processing the recording. And they also reported there will be some lag or flash while using Movavi to record screen.

Adds a Watermark to Recordings

Although you can use the recording function offered by Movavi Screen Recorder for free, you should also notice that there are actually some strict limitations, such as the recording time limit, and the watermark in your recordings. You need to buy the full version to get rid of the limitations.

Has to Keep Upgrading

Movavi Screen Recorder would work not properly on old systems, and it will also keep updating to ensure good recording services. So, you have to keep updating the software to make sure the functions can be used normally.

Best Alternative to Movavi: VideoSolo Screen Recorder

If you just can’t tolerate these limitations brought by Movavi Screen Recorder, you can actually get an alternative to it. Here we strongly recommend one of the best screen recording software, VideoSolo Screen Recorder to you.

FonePaw Screen Recorder Interface Windows

VideoSolo Screen Recorder

  • Capture any region of your PC screen with audio or webcam.
  • 20+ recording modes for screen recording in all scenarios.
  • Offer adjustable output format/quality, up to 4K 60 FPS.
  • Trim, compress, merge, or convert videos with easy-to-use tools.
  • Support real-time annotation and keystroke or mouse effects.

Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista/XP       macOS 10.7 or above

VideoSolo Screen Recorder can do not only Movavi can do, but also do even better than Movavi Screen Recorder in several aspects:

Recording Stability

The most important one should be its recording stability. The software uses advanced hardware acceleration technology, which will always keep a stable, smooth, and high-quality recording performance on most Windows and Mac computers. It will never lag or flash while screen recording.

No Watermark

Even if you are using the free version of VideoSolo Screen Recorder, it will not add a watermark to your screen recordings. But if you are a YouTuber and do want to add a watermark to your recordings, VideoSolo provides customizable watermarks for you.

High Compatibility

VideoSolo Screen Recorder is compatible with almost all Windows and Mac computers. You can always have a good recording experience no matter what version VideoSolo Screen Recorder is or whether you have updated your computer systems.

If you want to know more about VideoSolo Screen Recorder, you can read the complete VideoSolo Screen Recorder review.


According to the introduced features of the tool and also some reviews from this HD screen recorder, Movavi Screen Recorder, it is obvious that it can surely help to have a simple and good-quality recording process. But as the software still has some disadvantages that may make you feel unsatisfied, taking its best alternative, VideoSolo Screen Recorder is also a good choice. Just click the download button to have a try!

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