The Best Ways to Record Voice on Computer (Microphone)

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There are some occasions when you have to record voice on computer. For example, record a commentary for your video tutorial, or record an online interview/meeting on your PC. But how to do that? Well, follow this guide and you will quickly learn how to record voice on computer, whether or not you have a microphone.

Before we start, you should make sure there is at least one audio input device. It can be an internal microphone within your laptop, an external microphone, a headset, or even an earphone. A professional external microphone is the best device for recording voice on computer with high quality. Besides the device, audio recorder software is a must-have. Keep reading and you will know how to record voice on computer with good audio recorder software.


VideoSolo Screen Recorder – Grab Voice in High Quality on Windows and Mac

VideoSolo Screen Recorder, as a top-notch recorder in the market, won’t let you down if you have a try. Although by its name, you will spontaneously regard it exceptionally as a screen recorder, it is actually a multifunctional recorder, including the feature of recording audio through microphone and system sound card. You can easily enable both of them or one of them with one-click. What’s more, the output quality is excellent and it offers output formats for users to choose.

In the following minutes, I will guide you through how to record voice on computer with VideoSolo Screen Recorder.

Step 1. Connect the Microphone and Launch the Recorder

If you have an external microphone, plug it into the specific jack on your computer, and make sure the microphone has been activated in your computer.

After downloading VideoSolo Screen Recorder from the above button, you should install it by making several clicks according to instruction.Then run it on your computer.

Main Interface of VideoSolo Screen Recorder

Step 2. Open "Audio Recorder" and Toggle on Microphone

On its main interface, press “Audio Recorder”. You should first toggle on the microphone and move the sliders below to adjust the sound volume. If you want to record system sound from output devices while recording microphone, you can toggle on the first button so that your computer can capture sound sources at the same time. To get a better output quality, please record the microphone sound in a quiet environment.

Tips: You need to install an audio driver before recording audio in Mac version because of some limitations of Mac system. The process can be done in minutes.

Audio Recorder VideoSolo

Step 3. Preset Audio Quality and Output

Prior to starting recording voice, you are supposed to make your audio configurations by clicking on the gear-shaped icon. Slide down to the output field where you can choose which audio format (WMA, MP3, M4A, and AAC.) and quality (from “Lowest” to “Lossless”) to your desire. Save your settings by pressing “OK”.

Notice: Mac version has more audio output formats to choose (MP3, M4A, WMA, CAF, FLAC, OGG and OPUS).

Choose Output Video Output Format

Step 4. Initiate Audio Recording and Save It

Once fully prepared, go ahead with “REC” and start recording your voice with microphone. When you complete your speech, just press the Stop icon to end recording. Then save it to a specific computer location after preview. Now, you can enjoy your recorded audio file easily on the location where you have placed it.

Set Audio Recording Time

Windows Built-in Voice Recorder – Record Microphone Sound Quickly

But for some people, standalone applications are not so convenient as a built-in program on Windows. In this case, you’d better try this Voice Recorder which is bundled with Windows 10. It is convenient and useful at hand. But please note that it can’t record the sound coming from your PC, it can only record your voice that coming from the microphone. The following is the simple way to do that.

Screen Record with Your Voice on Windows:

  1. Go to “Start > All > Programs > Accessories” and open the “Voice Recorder” App

  2. Click “Start Recording” button to begin recording microfone sound

  3. Click “Stop Recording” button to stop recording

  4. Type in the filename and choose the destination in the pop-up window, and then click “Save”.

The following is the detailed step-by-step guide to record your voice onto the computer.

(1) It is very easy to locate it from Windows 10. Just type “Voice Recorder” in the search box on the bottom left corner.

Open Voice Recorder on Windows 10

(2) It appears a big microphone icon for you to start recording. Go ahead with a click on it and you can start speaking through microphone.

Start Recording Icon of Voice Recorder

(3) Under the middle Stop button, there are two small ones. The left is to control pause and resume if you want to have a break during recording, while the right flag-like icon is responsible for adding labels to your recording content so as to help you mark some important places.

Pause, Resume and Add Marks During Recording Audio

(4) Click the Stop icon in the center of the screen if you have completed. It is automatically saved on the recording list with its birth date and time under it.

It is very quick to record your voice with microphone on Windows with this method. Yet, it is a pity that these recorded files are not as high-quality as those made by professional audio recorders. The output format is M4A and you don’t have choices on the formats.

QuickTime – A Simple Way to Record Your Voice on Mac

Like Voice Recorder, QuickTime is also a built-in program but it is in Mac. Every Mac holder can try it very conveniently. It is a multimedia technology handling not only audio but also video, animation, music and more. With it, you can quickly record your voice through microphone on Mac. The following is the simple way to do that.

Screen Record with Your Voice on Mac:

  1. Go to “Applications” folder on your Mac, find “QuickTime Player” and open it

  2. Click “File > New Audio Recording”, and then click the red record button to begin recording

  3. Click the black stop recording button to stop recording your screen with microfone

  4. Go to “File > Save As” to save your recorded file to the desired location

The following is the detailed step-by-step guide to record your voice onto your Mac.

(1) To use it, open the application folder on Mac and search its full name. Click its icon to activate it.

(2) Go to “File” > “New Audio Recording” on its intuitive interface.

Quicktime New Audio Recording

(3) Then, it appears like this. Drop down the down arrow beside the recording button on the center. You can make your selections on sound input (microphone) and quality settings. Drag the slider to adjust the volume on the bottom.

QuickTime Audio Setting

(4) After all is ready, press the red Record button to initiate recording. And finally, click the same button to end recording.

(5) Click “File” > “Save” to save it to your hard drive.

We list three best ways on recording voice on Windows and Mac and I believe you may have your own verdict. The Voice Recorder in Windows cannot give you high-quality and various output. Worse still, you cannot record computer sound. The Mac version cannot provide better quality, either. If you care more about voice quality and formats, VideoSolo Screen Recorder can be your priority.

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