Top 8 Programs for Screen Mirroring iPhone to PC

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Watching TV shows or playing games on a mobile phone is funny, but it would be even more exciting if the screen of a mobile phone could be mirrored onto a computer screen. Are you still confused about which screen mirror to go with? Read on this article, and we are going to take you through 8 top programs for screen mirroring iPhone to PC and help you discover the one suitable for you!

Before Starting: Learn Something about Screen Mirror

Although mirroring and casting are all described as showing content from one device on another display, they are fundamentally different.

  • Screen casting is similar to mirroring, except that you no longer see it on both.

  • Screen mirroring acts just like when you look in a mirror. In other words, you are allowed to show audiences all your screen activities on your phone in real-time on a PC screen actively.

Apple’s AirPlay protocol supports screen mirroring for Apple users to cast their iPhone screen to other Apple devices. However, such a closed ecosystem can end up becoming a limitation for Windows-based PC users, leaving them out in the cold. What should you do now? In fact, all you need to do is select a competent third tool to fix this limitation. Please continue to read, and you will find out your ideal screen mirroring tool.

Top 1. FonePaw ScreenMo

Adopting mainstream AirPlay and Google cast protocols, FonePaw ScreenMo is an expert at empowering users to mirror their iPhone screen to their PCs easily, simultaneously, and stably. It means you can watch a class or movie show on a bigger screen, maximizing your vision enjoyment. Besides, no matter what kinds of screen activities on your iOS devices, like games, and live chats, all of them can be recorded on screens with sound during screen mirroring.

FonePaw ScreenMo


✔ Mirror multiple devices to computer meanwhile

✔ Record iOS screen with audio

✔ Capture in HD with no lag

✔ Clear interface and user-friendly

✔ Stream phone to PC in real-time without cable


❌ Can’t control your phone from your PC

❌ Without the feature of screenshot

Top 2. Phone Mirror

Phone Mirror is a powerful mirroring tool that can mirror your phone to a PC with no lag as well as high video quality. It is a boon for users who want to share their work and ideas, which isn’t surprising when you consider that this is the ultimate program that does so much more than just mirror the iPhone to a PC. The best part is it equips with impressive additional features and allows you to record screen and makes screenshots. Wanna share an iPhone screen on pc and capture every unmissable moment of your content? Phone Mirror is your best way to go.

Aiseesoft Phone Mirror


✔ Provide the screen recording and screen capture functions

✔ Support Wi-Fi and USB cable mirroring

✔ Record sound on the screen with no loss of quality

✔ HD quality mirroring for gameplay, videos, presentations and other tasks without lag


❌ Windows version only

❌ Can’t control the phone from PC

Top 3. LetsView

LetViews is a free screen mirror tool that allows you to mirror Android and iPhone to the computer. Even though it is a free mirroring tool, it has a full range of functions. In addition to mirroring phone to PC, it also has assistance tools such as screen recording, screenshot, and full-screen playback, which can basically meet the daily needs of mirroring.

Therefore, it is widely used in teaching, entertainment, office, life, and other fields. Everything was great, except when I mirrored my iPhone to the computer, I found the images became slightly pixilated.



✔ Totally free and support multiple platforms

✔ Provide extra features like recording, screenshots, whiteboard demonstration


❌ No reverse control from PC to phone

❌ The output image quality may be damaged

❌ It collapses sometimes

Top 4. LonelyScreen

Since only Apple products are AirPlay-compatible, mirroring your iPhone to a Windows-based PC seems like an impossible mission. However, LonelyScreen can be your lifesaver. LonelyScreen is an easy-to-use AirPlay receiver that allows you to mirror your iPhone screen on your Windows computer. In addition, you can also record the mirror screen and save it as a video file in MP4 format while mirroring the screen.



✔ Recording function provided

✔ Wireless mirroring


❌ The connection between devices is unstable

❌ Works better when using WLAN

Top 5. iMyFone MirrorTo

Just as its name indicates, iMyFone MirrorTo can effortlessly screen-share most iOS & Android devices to PC with ease. The software is an ideal choice for screen mirroring with advanced technology since it offers you advanced controller options to manage your big screen effortlessly. Thanks for its step-by-step user guides during the whole mirroring process, even newbies can use it without obstacle.

But free trial offers limited features compared to its full-paid subscription plan. For instance, virtual keyboard mapping is unavailable for free users.

iMyFone MirrorTo


✔ Freely control, and record, screenshot your phone

✔ Phone content can be easily controlled from the big screen


❌ A limited trial period of only 5 mins

❌ Virtual keyboard mapping just for full-paid users

Top 6. ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror is another powerful screen mirroring software for mobile phones to PC for both Windows and Mac. In addition to the primary function of mirroring like others, it also supports reverse computer control of phones, allowing you to play mobile games on your computer using your keyboard and mouse.

VIP users can mirror four devices at the same time, making it ideal for those who are involved in live gaming. However, free users have lots of disadvantages compared to paying subscribers, starting with watermarks attachment and full-screen limitations.



✔ VIP users can project 4 devices at the same time

✔ Support PC keyboard and mouse control

✔ Mac and Windows Supported


❌ There will be watermarks for non-VIP users

❌ The full-screen feature costs a fee

❌ The VIP version is expensive (lifetime license: $59.95 )

Top 7. Reflector 4

Reflector 4 is a powerful screen mirroring and media streaming software receiver that allows you to share your iPhone screen on a PC without wires or any complicated setups. It took me just a few seconds to mirror my iPhone screen to my Windows PC in my office from my test. However, in my mirroring process, the phenomenon of screen delay arose, and I was not sure whether it was caused by network problems or the software itself.

Reflector 4


✔ Good security through onscreen code

✔ Intuitive interface

✔ Can stream mobile devices simultaneously


❌ No USB connection option (completely wireless )

❌ Screens between 2 devices might come out of sync

Top 8. Mirroring360

Mirroring360 is a professional application that allows the users to wirelessly connect their phone and PC as well as record the iPhone and iPad screens without using any cable or hardware system. Moreover, the app can also be used to share a screen with as many as forty audiences, although this feature is only available on the Pro version of the app. Because of this powerful feature, it becomes boon for students, teachers, businessmen, and resource speakers.

Mirroring 360


✔ Supports recording screen

✔ Provides screenshots and whiteboard presentations

✔ PC screen sharing up to 40 participants


❌ Mirror phone screens with slightly lag

❌ limitations will be set unless you pay for the premium version

Table Comparison of 8 Screen Mirrors

Suppose you are looking for a reliable and professional app to mirror your phone screen to a PC, some factors you should take into account. The below table is a further elaboration of these 8 screen mirroring tools for your reference:

Screen Mirroring ProgramScreen MirroringReverse Control From PC to PhoneTake ScreenshotScreen RecordingPriceOverall Rating
FonePaw ScreenMo××Lifetime License: $19.95⭐⭐⭐⭐
Phone Mirror×Monthly License: $15.96⭐⭐⭐
LonelyScreeYearly License: : $14.95⭐⭐⭐
LonelyScreeYearly License: $14.95⭐⭐⭐
iMyFone Mirror× (Trial Version)Yearly License: $19.95⭐⭐⭐
ApowerMirrorLifetime License: $59.95⭐⭐
Reflector 4××Single License: $14.99⭐⭐
Mirroring360Yearly License: $29.99⭐⭐⭐

FAQs on Sharing iPhone Screen on PC

1. How to share an iPhone screen to laptop?

Screen mirroring from iPhone to pc is not a complicated task as long as finding a reliable third tool. Here are the tutorials on sharing an iPhone screen to a laptop via FonePaw ScreenMo.

Step 1. Download FonePaw ScreenMo on your computer.

Step 2. Set up iOS devices and PC by connecting all your iOS devices as well as your PC with the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 3. To connect your iPhone and your PC, choose “AirPlay Mirroring /Screen Mirroring” on your iPhone control center.

Step 4. Now, your iOS devices should be automatically displayed on PC. You can also record the iOS screen with the program, and the recorded videos will be saved as MP4 on your computer.

Recording iPhone Screen in FonePaw

2. How can I mirror the screen from iPhone to pc in full-screen mode?

Take Screen Mirror as an example, if your iPhone is in full-screen mode, the PC is also displayed in full-screen mode. You also can directly choose to show your phone screen on your computer in full/half screen freely without any hassle.


Choosing the resolution, you will need to consider your real-life needs. Therefore, to help you decide, we evaluated 8 mirroring programs for your convenience. If you want a mirroring app that can give you the best experience, FonePaw ScreenMo is suggested. It’s very attractively priced, which costs you just a cup of Latte, especially when considering the impressive number of features included in the software. Download and try it out!

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