Efficient Way to Record GoToMeeting Session on Mac/Windows

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Although GoToMeeting has its own recorder, many people seek for a third-party tool to record GoToMeeting session because of limitations of the built-in recorder. The limitations make work not convenient. So, it’s better to find an alternative. A useful screen recorder makes your work easier and more efficient. In this article, I will list the limitations and give you an alternative to record GoToMeeting video.


Limitations of Recorder of GoToMeeting

Do the limitations of GoToMeeting recorder effect my recording in work? Read the limitations below to find your answer.

  • Automatically stop if the hard disk space drops to 100MB.
  • Recorded videos are often spoiled by intermittent blank screens.
  • The output format is G2M and you have to use GoToMeeting Recording Manager to convert it to MP4 so as to share with others to watch. What’s worse, it requires 1GB or twice its size to convert your recorded session in Windows.

If you cannot handle the above recording disadvantages of GoToMeeting, move on to get the alternative!

An Efficient and Secure Screen Recorder - Make You Record GoToMeeting Video Easier

VideoSolo Screen Recorder is the workable option. I have already used this program to record hundreds of online meeting and I am sure it will be helpful for you too. It can record your screen activities to HD video in simple clicks. Before recording, you can pre-set the output format like MP4, MOV and so on. It attaches importance to privacy and security so you don’t need to worry about that. You can add annotations in the process of recording which can highlight the key points. What’s more, you can clip the unwanted portion and share it to social platforms after recording.

With this program, capturing webcam video on GoToMeeting and other conference programs is not a hard task.

Step 1. Select "Video Recorder" to Record Video and Audio of a Webinar

Launch VideoSolo Screen Recorder and then click “Video Recorder”. It can record the video and audio of the session.

Main Interface of VideoSolo Screen Recorder

Step 2. Make Pre-set for Your Recording and Make a Test

Now select the screen recording area. Usually, we use “Full screen” to record the entire area of a computer screen. If you only want to record a specific area, select “Custom” to customize.

Audio is so important in a session, make sure the system sound button is on to record the voices of the participants in the meeting. You may also need to record your speech in the meeting so the microphone button should turn on too. You’d better click “REC” to make a test record before actual meeting record to make sure the volume is appropriate.

Select Recording Area VideoSolo

Step 3. Start to Record and Edit While Recording

Click the round button “REC” to have a meeting record. While your recording, you can make snapshot to capture the important meeting scene, set record length and draw on the screen to edit.

Record GotoMeeting VideoSolo

Step 4. Save and View Files You Made in the Recording

Click “save” button, the recording will be saved in the output folder you set. You can also view all your video recordings and snapshots you made in the left column, click and choose to play directly. The videos will be saved in MP4 format by default. Easy to share and upload.

Save the Recording VideoSolo

Above is the 4-steps-guide of using the VideoSolo Screen Recorder to record a GoToMeeting session. It has no limitations of GoToMeeting Recorder and even more powerful and professional. Now you can save an archive and play back any significant discussions that need to be reviewed.

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