How to Mirror Android/iOS Phone to Laptop (Win&Mac)

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Have you ever wanted to mirror your phone to your laptop? To get the most out of your movie viewing experience, put your presentation on a bigger screen to make it clearer.

In many scenarios, mirroring can be very useful and make your work more effective.

So, how can we mirror our phone to the laptop? There are several tools and programs accessible that allow you to simply cast your phone’s display onto your laptop. Today we will show you how to mirror your phone screen to your Windows or Mac laptop with different types of phone devices.

Read on and pick the methods to mirror your phone to your laptop that suits your situation.


How to Screen Mirror Your Android/iOS Phone to Your Laptop with Professional Software

Previously, the only way to connect your smartphone to your laptop was by USB. However, configuring a USB Hub and doing extensive USB debugging is time-consuming. Now, good news for computer illiterates: wirelessly mirroring Android/iOS smartphones to Windows or Mac computers through third-party software. Only a few steps and a Wi-Fi connection are required to mirror your phone to your laptop easily and efficiently.

How to Mirror Phone Screen to PC with FonePaw ScreenMo

FonePaw ScreenMo must be the most powerful and convenient program for screen mirroring. It has strong capabilities that can be used to record games, tutorials, and audio as well as screen mirroring to PC.

It can even mirror multiple devices to the computer at the same time. Because of its Wi-Fi mirroring function, you just need to connect your devices to the same Wi-Fi and mirror your phone to your computer in simple steps. Synchronous presentation and recording go seamlessly and may be seen and recorded in high definition.

Step 1. Install and Launch FonePaw ScreenMo.

Install FonePaw ScreenMo and run the program.

Step 2. Connect your Phone and PC to the same Wi-Fi

Connect your Android or iOS phone and PC, remember to connect them to the same Wi-Fi network.

Android ScreenMo Homepage

Step 3. Connect Your Phone to PC

For the Android device, swipe down the screen to reveal Control Center and then tap Screen Cast. The pop-up window will show you the acknowledgment information.

For iOS devices, you can Tap Screen Mirroring via AirPlay.

After the connection, click Start to begin.

Android Screenmo Start Casting

Step 4. Mirror Android Screen to PC

Your phone screen should now be visible on your PC. You can begin operating or recording your screen.

Android Screenmo Casting Android Screen


The smoothness of your operation may be influenced by the state of your network. If your internet connection is strong, your phone operation will be recorded effortlessly.

Step 5. Export the Recording

Click on the record button to finish mirroring. And click Start Export to export your recording.

VideoSolo Phone Recorder UI


For FonePaw ScreenMo, you can set up the output settings before you export your video file. You can change the video frame size, save path, and file name according to your needs.

With FonePaw ScreenMo, you can utilize it to mirror and film gaming on the PC screen, give a presentation or exhibit your report to the public, record detailed teaching demonstrations, and capture lessons for your pupils.

How to Cast Your Phone onto Windows/Mac via VideoSolo MirrorEase

Some people may argue that FonePaw ScreenMo is only for screen-mirroring. To film my demonstration video, I need some video-editable software that can mirror my Android screen and, most importantly, take a snapshot during my reflection. VideoSolo MirrorEase is likewise an excellent alternative for this purpose.

VideoSolo MirrorEase is a multi-purpose screen mirroring application that can replicate and record any phone screen action without latency or watermark. It can also record voice from the phone’s microphone and computer speaker with high-quality audio and take a snapshot while mirroring or recording.

Step 1. Launch VideoSolo MirrorEase and choose your device type.

Download and install the correct version of VideoSolo MirrorEase according to your computer device type. Launch the software choose either iOS Mirror or Android Mirror.

Step 2. Tap on the “Detect” icon.

For Android devices:

Tap the “Detect” icon shown in the picture above on your phone screen to start searching devices through the WiFi network.

VideoSolo Android Phone Recorder Connect

For iOS devices:

From your iPhone, open the Control Center and tap the Screen Mirroring button.

Then select VideoSolo MirrorEase and wait for the connection.


make sure your device and the PC are connecting to the same WiFi network.

And you can also choose to connect through a PIN Code or QR Code, which can be more precise.

Step 3. Begin mirroring and record if necessary.

After successful connection, you can see your phone screen on your computer. If required, click the record button to record your phone screen.

When finish recording, click the Stop button to end the recording.


Before recording, you may additionally configure the device resolution, recording content, and output resolution. Furthermore, the snapshot function that you are interested in is available; you may take the snapshot at any moment, even while you are not recording. The snapshot images will also be preserved in the “Recording history.”

You can also record your voice or external sound by clicking the Settings panel to do the sound check.

Speaker Record

This is how to mirror and record Android/iOS phone screens to Windows or Mac laptops with VideoSolo MirrorEase.

It has numerous other features, such as clip-editing, on top of screen mirroring. For another tool produced by VideoSolo, VideoSolo Screen Recorder, it can be used to record gameplay and record instructional video.

How to Mirror Your Screen from Your iPhone to Mac without Downloading

If your iPhone and Mac both support Continuity and you’re running macOS Monterey, mirroring your iPhone to your Mac is a rather simple operation. You can mirror your screen from your iPhone to the Mac using AirPlay. You can check here to see if your devices are on the supporting list: System requirements for Continuity on iOS devices.

Step 1. To access the Control Center, open your iPhone and slide the screen up.

Step 2. Tap the AirPlay button when you find it in the Control Center. Alternatively, you may simply toggle the Screen Mirroring icon.

Screen Mirror iPhone

Step 3. Then select your Mac device from the AirPlay list.

iPhone Screen Mirroring Connect

You may screen mirror your iPhone to your Mac wirelessly using AirPlay. If your devices satisfy the requirements for AirPlay mirroring and you want to have your screen shown on your Mac computer quickly, without having to record the screen with sound or do any editing after the video, then AirPlay your iPhone to Mac is the most effective method.

Otherwise, you might use a more convenient screen capturing program, such as VideoSolo Screen Recorder, to mirror and record your phone screen, as the AirPlay connection may be unreliable when mirroring.

How to Capture Android Phone Screen to Windows with Built-in Tool

If you’re working on a Windows PC and want the applications and information from another device to appear on your PC screen, try mirroring or projecting that device’s screen. But for this operation, you’ll need a Miracast-capable gadget. To mirror a phone screen or project to your PC, you can follow these steps:

Step 1. Select Start > Settings > System > Projecting to this PC.

Step 2. Add the “Wireless Display” optional feature, and select Optional features.

Step 3. Select Add a feature, then type “wireless display.”

Step 4. Check the box next to Wireless Display from the list, then select Install.

PC Install Wireless Display

Step 5. After the installation, you can manage your preferences on the Projecting to this PC page in Settings.

Step 6. Launch the Connect app by entering “Connect app” in the search box on the taskbar, and clicking Connect.

PC Launch Connect App

Step 7. Go to the screen mirroring settings (also known as cast settings) on the device you’re projecting from and pick your PC to connect to it. You can also press the Windows key + K to start the wireless display.


If you are using Windows 8, you should hit the Windows key + C. (This will not be completely smooth because Windows 8 does not fully support Miracast.)

This is the way to mirror your Android phone to your Windows laptop with a built-in tool. It’s very easy to use and makes mirroring possible without the need of a Wi-Fi router.

However, there are still some restrictions on the use of the Miracast function. For Windows users, your laptop must be Windows 10 to work properly. Similarly, if you use an Android phone, it must be version 4.2 or higher.

Also, It has stability issues and only provides mirroring display solely, can not do any recording or snapshot during the projecting.

So, if you want to mirror your phone to your laptop stably and fluently, and also want to do the recording or snapshots during the mirroring, we suggest you choose a more efficient and professional third-party software, like FonePaw ScreenMo or and VideoSolo MirrorEase we mentioned above to help you out.


VideoSolo MirrorEase FonePaw ScreenMo iOS AirPlay Windows Miracast
Support Wi-Fi Connect × ×
Need to Install ×
Recording × ×
Mirroring with Sound × ×
Snapshot × ×
Video Editable × × ×
Limiting Condition
No limitation. All devices available.
No limitation. All devices available.
iOS with Continuity and macOS Monterey 
Windows 10 with Miracast and Android 4.2 or higher.
Recommendation ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★

The methods of how to mirror your phone to your laptop have been addressed above. There are various ways to mirror the phone screen to the laptop, and we list out the merit and demerit of the methods to use built-in tools or third-party programs.

  • FonePaw ScreenMo is a good solution for folks who wish to mirror their screen to their PC as fast as possible and don’t need any recording. After connecting, it will quickly boot up and replicate your screen.

  • If you have additional needs for screen recording, consider VideoSolo MirrorEase, which is a multipurpose screen recording tool that can not only mirror and record your screen but also allows for video editing, resolution adjustment, and voice recording.

  • And for the people who want to mirror your phone to your laptop in a very quick way and do not want to download any software, AirPlay and Windows Miracast can be your choice. But make sure your devices are supporting the casting function before using it.

Now, choose the ways you like, and take action to begin mirroring!

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